In technology, the Cloud is one of the most talked about and mentioned innovations. The cloud essentially refers to using remote servers connected to the internet to store and manage data. So instead of having to download a particular software to your device, everything is done through the internet. Cloud computing has many different benefits, which can benefit all different types of businesses.

There are various different types of software, platforms and infrastructures available via the cloud. The cloud can help you do anything from logging (from companies and services like Papertrail) to securing your company and everything in between. While cloud-based solutions are incredibly good for business, the space is dominated by large companies and their offered services. In fact, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have run rates of over $20 billion each, which is more than double their next closest competitor.

However,, there is still room for some healthy competition from startups offering cloud-based solutions. This article is going to look at a two of the biggest reasons why there is still room for smaller startups in the cloud computing space.

Some Needs are Still Not Being Met

While there are already some massive players in the cloud computing space, there is no way every single need is being met. Every company has different needs and there are always some that big companies cannot help with. Essentially, these big players have services that cover a wide range of the most common needs among businesses.

Sure, this gets them a lot of customers, but certainly there are some gaps in the services they offer. If you are a small startup looking to gain foothold in the space, you need to find these gaps in service and fill them. Focusing on more specific needs as opposed to general cloud solutions is the way to go. You need to do research to find the areas where larger companies are lacking, and look to make that your bread and butter. This means you won’t be directly competing with them, which can make things easier.

Also, one area where small startups in the space can shine is when it comes to convenience and customer service. While Azure and AWS have their space in the market, they also have millions of users across the world. As a result, getting a detailed and well thought out response to a problem or inquiry can be difficult. However, smaller solutions can likely respond quicker and in a more thoughtful manner. This will save companies a lot of time and can get them the response they truly need.

Customer service is the great differentiator and can be the difference between a company choosing to work with a large provider or a small startup. If you are agile and can help businesses with more unique problems, and do so with great customer service, you could find success in this growing space.

The Market is Still Growing

business report growth chart

While the market cloud computing market is already huge, it is only expect to keep growing. More and more companies are likely going to use cloud computing services, and those who already use them are likely to continue. The cloud computing market is already worth hundreds of billions of dollars and shows no signs of slowing down. And with even the largest players only having around $20 billion dollars in annual sales, there is a lot of room for new entries into the market.

While this growing market is good for large companies, it is just as good for smaller startups. Even getting a small percentage of this massive market could be worth millions and millions of dollars. Of course, you need to be sure to offer something different or better, but even a small amount of this growing market could be huge.

In conclusion, hopefully this article has been able to show you how and why there is still room for cloud computing startups. Sure, it might be scary or intimidating to go up against the likes of AWS or Microsoft Azure, but if you do it intelligently and focus on the right areas, you can most definitely find some success.

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