Why Reviews are Important for the Success of your Online Business

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Reviews are an incredibly important advertising medium for your business, particularly if it’s online. Good reviews can set you apart from competitors, and reviews generally spread quicker than ads as it is in the business of dedicated review sites to spread them. Reviews are perceived as more trustworthy than ads, and can generate more conversation between customers and your business which in turn grants more opportunities for positive publicity. So how can you maximize your reviews, and how can you use this to your advantage?

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Why are reviews so important?

As we mentioned above, reviews are plainly better than ads when it comes to advertising your business. But they can often be a double-edged sword. If customers aren’t happy about something your reviews will definitely demonstrate that. Positive reviews increase sales, and they also help your business website to have a steady influx of SEO links which in turn grant you a greater online presence. Reviews give customers a voice which can encourage consumer-brand loyalty, and a positively-reviewed business with an active and commenting community reflects incredibly well on a business.

How do consumers access reviews?

Customers access reviews in a myriad of ways. Firstly, several specialized review sites exist that focus on reviewing their chosen topic. These sites will attract a more focused type of customer, so it is really important to have them on your side. One such example is that over uberpokies.org, a popular site for comparing casino games. Uberpokies reviews iGaming sites by comparing them on trust, range of offered games and welcome bonuses, which provides their users with a great overview of what sites really suit them. As such it may be worth looking into specific review sites for your businesses, to see what you’re being compared on and where you can improve.

Other comparison areas include generalised comparison sites (like Metacritic, which focus on a much wider range of product), mouth-to-mouth reviews and reviews chosen and presented by your company, on your business’ website.

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What can you do to improve your reviews?

First and foremost, to improve reviews, you need to validate them and listen to them. If you can, respond to all reviews (good and bad) thanking the reviewer or explaining to them what you are going to improve based on their feedback. This kind of interaction will do wonders to improve the standing of your business against competitors.

Secondly, give customers the facilities to leave a review. It is no secret that angry customers are the most likely to leave a review. If you want positive reviews you need to enable the rest of your happy consumer base. Do this through easy polls, providing links to the review site on your website and providing tutorials should customers not know how to create reviews.

Lastly, try to actually improve your business based on the reviews. It’s one thing to tell your consumer base you’re going to improve based on a review. It is another entirely to do so promptly and effectively. Also, when you do, ensure that your customer base knows. Inform them through social media and other advertisement channels.

Reviews are incredibly important. Consumers access and employ reviews in a number of ways, so it is incredibly important to stay on top of them. Just remember, communication is key and should you find yourself stuck, further research will always help you stay on top.

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