Because of advancements in technology, a computer science degree is now one of the most relevant courses that you can choose to take. If you’re a tech enthusiast, this is now a natural advantage for you. Not only do you get to work on something that you love, but you also earn from it, too.

Even though computer science is one of the best majors to take, it’s not for everyone. It takes a lot of technical skills and understanding for you to master. That said, here are some of the reasons why a computer science degree is perfect for a tech enthusiast, like you:

You’ve Understood The Foundations Of Technology

Computer science graduates would say that studying computer science isn’t that difficult. It’s only in the process of understanding the foundations that you may have a hard time, which is understandable since there are many technical concepts that you need to master before you can even pass.

As a tech enthusiast, this is one of your advantages. You may have already spent so much time idly tinkering with your computer and other gadgets. Or, you may have also started to learn programming and other codes. Because you already have a love for it, your foundation isn’t zero. This gives you a great head start in this highly technical field.

You’re Interested In Development

One of the areas of development in the computer science field today has to do with mobile apps. As a tech enthusiast, it’s also given that you’re already interested in this area. It’s almost close to impossible that you don’t have a smartphone filled with mobile apps. Perhaps, you may even have started working in your garage on codes or programs for mobile apps and games.

Working with mobile apps isn’t going to be easy, especially if you’ve never started doing anything by yourself. When you’re already this interested, to begin with, learning more about the more complicated areas of mobile app development will no longer be as daunting for you.

You’ve Got An Innovative And Creative Personality

Anyone can learn computer science. But, certain traits are helpful to possess if you want to enjoy working in this highly competitive industry. Two of these are the innate desire for innovation and a creative personality.

Computer science isn’t devoid of creativity. If you’ve been playing mobile games a lot (yes, this can be good for your CS degree, too), you’ll see and understand that there’s a lot of creativity involved. This is something that not everyone will see and understand. But, because of your exposure along this line, it needs no further explaining for you.

Remember that computer science is more than just programming. It’s about inventing new things, which form solutions to some of the most common problems faced by people. If you enjoy working on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or any other gadget as your canvas, then computer science is for you.

You’re Competitive

Tech enthusiasts have mostly started to build their interest in computers by playing mobile games. For teenagers, this is the first exposure; beyond just browsing through social media sites, it starts with playing video and computer games. This can be problematic, only if you spend too much time playing. But, unsurprisingly, there are also certain things that you’re able to develop through this exposure.

One of the most important is competitiveness. Computer games today are getting highly competitive than ever. This applies not just to those of you who play games but even for those on the backseat, who create these games. You want to use codes to your advantage to have players that are more powerful or who have longer lifespans, for instance. In this virtual world, there’s no limit, as long as you know the right codes.

This sense of competitive attitude will come in handy for you in the highly competitive computer science and tech industry. In web development, for instance, you need to come up with the latest techniques in SEO and other facets to ensure that your site (or that of your client’s) ranks high enough. If you’re in the business of creating games, your game has to be better than others. Thus, you’ll thrive in this fast-paced world only if you’re competitive.


As lucrative as the field of computer science may be, this doesn’t mean that you have to be forced into taking it up by family or friends. To excel, this must be something that you love to do. If you inherently enjoy working with computers and other tech gadgets, then this is the right choice for you. You need to be passionate and well knowledgeable about technology already, for you to stay committed to this chosen career path. If this speaks to you, then why not give computer science a try.

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