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Even though online casinos have been around for quite some time, they haven’t been as innovative as the new casino bitcoin based games. One of the things is a lot of anonymity and security in gambling. This is because anonymity and security are inherent to cryptocurrency. So, if this is what you like, you could consider shifting over from your neighborhood casino or from online gambling. 

Simplicity and anonymity

Cryptocurrency is simplicity itself. All you need to do is to connect with a blockchain, and you can enjoy all your usual casino favorites. There are many other facilities offered by crypto casinos, one of these being that even if a casino is not completely based upon cryptocurrency, nevertheless it will not be necessary for you to add your bank details before you can draw on funds. 

This is actually quite important because, in the modern world of hackers who are good at stealing information, it’s very convenient that you can cloak your online presence and play with anonymity. 

Instantaneous deposits and fast withdrawals 

Bitcoin casinos actually share one more advantage of cryptocurrency in that transactions are instantaneous. When you deposit funds in games like a bitcoin crash game, a transaction takes mere seconds, and there are never any issues with putting money into your betting account. Withdrawals are similarly convenient, and usually, never take more than a day. All you need to do this is a crypto wallet. 

There is another big advantage that casinos that use cryptocurrency have the usual online casino is that the fees tend to be very low. Traditional gambling platforms can irritate gamblers with additional charges and fees that most people object to. Casinos that use bitcoin are very different, and while some of them charge a small fee, you can look around and find one that bypasses all major fees so that you can concentrate on winning. 

No withdrawal limits 

Another thing that can be irritating about the usual online casinos is limitations upon the amounts of money that you can withdraw or even deposit. It is even more annoying when these amounts are quite small. With crypto casinos, it is completely different, and there are many crypto casinos that will place absolutely no limitation upon the amounts of funds that can be withdrawn or deposited. 

High-rolling gamblers now no longer have to worry about withdrawal limits when withdrawing or depositing funds when gambling online. When you add to this the fact that you don’t pay transaction fees on these large deposits and withdrawals, it becomes even more perfect. 

But the best part is the bonus offers. Some casinos will match your deposit, and this is up to five bitcoins which is valued today at about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Now, that’s called doubling your bankroll! There are also other bonuses, and it’s a lot of fun to discover them by exploring different cryptocurrency casinos online. 

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