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Just a quick update on the latest changes to our website….

We have recently setup our new responsive theme which will allow easily viewing access for smart phones and tablets. We have also moved to a much higher specification web host along with adding a CDN and caching service to our website so you should now notice a much better up time and much improved speed when browsing our website.

We have added a new navigation tool, so when you are viewing a page on our site you can now view the next or previous post by clicking the available links on the left side toolbar as you can see here:


We have also now introduced a review system to all our downloads so you can now give a 5-star review to anything that you download from us, you will see this option towards the bottom of the page when viewing one of our downloads:


We will be adding the same review system to all of our guide posts in the coming weeks so look out for those.

In the left sidebar a bit lower down, you will see the posts with the top reviews among some other details:


You will also now see our top downloaded files in the right sidebar, just click on the title of the download to give you the option to get the file or you can leave a star review:


We are aiming at writing a lot more guides in coming weeks as well and re-writing some older ones to bring them fully up to date so look out for those.

Our 900th blog post has been added to the site this week and we have also surpassed our 700th Twitter follower and also have hit over 2000 likes on Facebook. If you wish to follow us on social media, you can do so by clicking the icons at the up left sidebar.

The final thing is that we are now working on a new site logo but struggling to get it how we want it at the moment but you should see that appearing shortly.

As always, if you have any ideas for the site or any technical questions where we can write a guide for it, then please feel free to contact us.

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