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Most likely, you have read articles many times about how to promote accounts in different social networks and you know that there are many ways to promote: somewhere you can arrange a like time, somewhere you can buy Instagram followers, and somewhere you can use hashtags and become a star. However, there is not much information about Telegram yet, despite the fact that this platform is rapidly gaining momentum around the world. In this article, we will tell you how to promote your Telegram account.

Channel promotion

First of all, we recall the unique invitation links that Telegram is famous for. Otherwise, we will not understand which traffic channel worked how. The second thing to remember is that your content should be great. After all, we are going to promote it, this is your product that a person will receive by subscribing to your channel.

Promotion is divided into free and paid. Naturally, I understand that everyone is primarily interested in free. It’s okay, it’s right, and it works. There is always a chance that the channel will shoot thanks to the super content. But more often than not, it’s a long, planned process. Subscribers will not come by themselves.

As we said earlier, it is much easier to promote social networks than instant messengers, because this system has been debugged for a long time. Instagram users already know all the ways to attract an audience, and in extreme cases, they can buy real Instagram followers to guarantee and cheaply gain a certain audience at once. In Telegram, everything is not so simple.

Let’s assume that the channel is good, the content in it is interesting, and the target audience is chosen correctly? No, we won’t. There is no limit to perfection, so first of all we work on the quality of content. 

There are many exchanges that employ employees for very low wages. It is easy to understand when you understand the written topic and see that a copywriter wrote for a cent, and not an expert. So many fills their websites and profiles with meaningless and empty articles, some of them even manage to sell their services to naive readers. But people even like them, what then to say about unique content?

Ok, it’s time for the most interesting. We remind you that the post is for beginners, so we will tell you how to start from scratch and get really good targeted subscribers. And once again we remind you that the content should be interesting for the target audience. We will never tire of reminding you of this.

Free ways to promote

If it’s free, then you have to try. You have to pay for this with your time. If it exists, we will boldly invest it in the promotion of the channel.

1. Invite friends

There is nothing much to explain here. We send a link to our friends. If you do not remember who they are in your notebook, just add to the channel through the functionality of adding subscribers. For introverts, we have bad news here.

Yes, in this way the first 10-20, or even more subscribers will appear. If you already have some popular channels on other platforms or personal social networks, you can try to tell about the channel there. Some percentage will come.

And yes, if your friends have their own channels, hint to them that you now have too. What if they get promoted? Yes, they will definitely promote, otherwise you will not leave them behind.

You can try cross-platform traffic, although you definitely won’t be able to bring all your followers to Telegram. Especially if you run Instagram or a group on Facebook, and you make exactly the same Telegram channel, but someone will come. Personal social networks, blogs — everything will be appropriate.

2. Expanding presence

Approach your choice wisely. As well as the content you post. We are almost certain that not all of your Telegram posts are worth posting to all of your other channels. Experiment.

3. Mutual PR

What you should look for when choosing with whom to do mutual PR:

  • posting frequency (if too much, then bad);
  • statistics (whether there was abnormal growth, for example, bots);
  • channel donors (from whom there are links in the statistics, at the same time you can see if they are suitable for you);
  • does the topic fit;
  • whether the audience is active (likes, comments);
  • just the quality of the content;
  • do you want those who are subscribed to this channel to subscribe to yours (there may be some contradictions, even if they are religious).

You can also not do mutual PR, but repost each other. Reposts can be done in two ways. A standard repost will give you more post views. Reposting with a link will not give you many views, but subscribers can come from it. We would recommend reposting with a link.

Another type of mutual PR is participation in selections, when several channels recommend the entire list at once. That is, your channel will be seen by everyone else, but instead of with other channels.

In general, it is good to have friendly relations with the admins of other channels. Make contacts, help each other, and it will be easier for you.

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