A collection of seven Vapor Zeus Kit disposable vape pens in assorted colors (pink, orange, green, blue, red, black, and white), each labeled with a logo.

We have recently been testing the Vapor Zeus Kit supplied to us from Vapor4Life.com and having used it for close to three weeks, this is our review from one of guys who is trying to quit smoking.

Delivery and Packaging

The Vapor Zeus Kit from Vapor4Life.com arrived extremely quickly and in excellent packaging. The kit came from the USA to England in less than a weeks’ time. It did not look like it came by a special post service, so this is excellent international service. It arrived in a quality box and everything you need to get started. The Vapor Zeus is simple to use but looks elegant. It comes with a straightforward design that is clearly built to last.

Vaping and Day to Day Use

It vapes really well, one of the top ones that I have ever used. The Vapor Zeus produces huge vapor and lasts throughout the day, it takes on average 5 hours to fully charge. The only downside is there is no warning light to advise you when the battery is dying and in need of a recharge, so if you are a heavy smoker and you use your vapor a lot during the day, you need to make sure that it is thoroughly charged or you will run out of charge without any notice.


The kit contains a battery, two of the cartomizers, a pass through cable, a slim USB adapter and a 30ml bottle of e-liquid.

Promo Code

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During my review of this product, I tried the Peach and also the Strawberry flavors and would purchase these again. I myself as a smoker and vape user would definitely purchase further products from Vapor4Life.com. They have informative information about all of their products on their website and I would definitely recommend the Vapor Zeus.

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