Resume writing can be a long, tedious, and somewhat stressful process, especially when it comes to deciding upon what information to put in it. However, considering the importance a resume holds for your career, there are a lot of crucial things to remember when crafting the ideal job resume.

No matter which job position one applies for, a resume is always important. The more senior the position is, the better your Resume needs to be. It also becomes more challenging at such pivotal moments to assess which experiences you need to mention and which ones to let go of.

Factors to remember when writing a resume

When writing a resume for any job, there are a few essential factors to remember. These factors can make or break your prospects for a particular job:

  • Customize: Contrary to popular belief and knowledge; a resume has to be customized for every particular company and job. While you may be applying for the same job level or job type, there must be customizations based on the job description the company provides.

Upon reading the job description, you can find out what kind of skills and experiences a company is looking for and appropriately highlight relevant ones. Every person has a pool of skills, each of which can be differently useful. As such, determining which is useful where is essential.

Additionally, every Resume has a profile/objective/summary section at the top, which must be customized as per the job description. This lets the employer know that you have been thorough and highlights relevant strengths and skills, thereby increasing your chances of getting hired.

  • Read the Job Description: Whether you are applying to every company you come across or for a dream job, reading through the job description is essential. This guides you in determining how to create or shape your Resume that best highlights your suitability for a particular job.
  • Be Succinct: As vital as it is to mention your educational and employment experiences, it is equally important to be succinct. A resume cannot be 4 pages long, detailing every single experience in detail. It is essential to identify the key projects and any leadership roles and briefly mention them.
  • Keep It Simple: Wowing your prospective employees does not require using overly fancy or complex language. Use simple terms and keep it simple. Make your point in clear and concise language which is uncomplicated and clearly lays out the meaning.
  • Organize: Another one of the most important things to ensure when creating a resume is to ensure that you keep it neat and organized. Clearly divide the various sections. Select a clean template that fits all the information but also keeps it organized in well-defined sections.

A neat and organized resume makes it simple for the HR or employer to scan through your Resume. This, in turn, maximizes your chances of getting hired.

Digital Skills to include in your Resume

We are living in the digital age. As such, it comes as no surprise that digital skills are highly in demand these days. But there are numerous digital skills that we possess or can learn, which makes it pertinent to understand which digital skills to include in your Resume.

Not all digital skills may be pertinent to a particular job. On the other hand, some other digital skills, which are often considered essential for a specific type of job, may need to be mentioned explicitly. Some of the core digital skills to list on your Resume include:

  • Microsoft Office Suite: While it is now considered an essential digital skill, some employers specifically mention that they require these skills in candidates, which implies that you must include them in your Resume.
  • Digital Marketing Skills: A lot of jobs require some level of digital marketing skills. This could include skills in Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Managing, Digital Outreach, Facebook Ads, Youtube Marketing, Instagram Promotions, etc.

If you are opting for a creative role or marketing, branding, and business development role, these skills will come in handy.

  • Digital Content: Today, content is everything. Content consumption is at an all-time high globally, and digital content creation is a highly in-demand skill. Digital content creation requires quite a bit of skill and familiarity with particular platforms, including CRM systems, SEO Analysis, SaaS software, and much more.

Digital content needs technical knowledge, creative flair, and knowledge of the latest trends, dynamic upskilling skills, and as such, displays the ability to be agile, grasp new tech quickly, and provide valuable content constantly.

Digital skills not only help you in landing a job, but today they can drive your career growth immensely. As essential as it is to list them in your Resume, it is also crucial to keep upskilling yourself and being up to date with the latest developments in your career path.

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