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This year has brought numerous changes to our lifestyle. One of the most challenging changes you were forced to do is to be isolated from all your loved ones. 

The world was so full of busy work and college days that the only little stress busters were the limited time you got to spend with your friends outside of work/college. Now even that is stripped off you, you are bound to lose your cool. 

Social media has been the go-to source of entertainment and time-pass, but with influencers hell-bent on posting unrealistic lifestyle that can happen during a pandemic making yours look sad, even that has turned toxic. 

Tired Of Living Alone This Lockdown Year? These Group Online Games Will Surely Help! 1

Just because you cannot be around your friends and loved ones do not mean that you still can’t have fun with them, especially if you use sites with no deposit registration bonus. This is where all the game developers of the 21st century come into play.

Group Online Games To Rescue Your Loneliness

One way of connecting with your friends as well as having fun doing so is through online group games.

You don’t have to be the gaming kind to do this. All of us would have played some sort of games as a kid, and almost all of those are now available in a mobile version.


This is one game that is fun to play with family as well as friends. People of all ages enjoy this equally. In olden times, this was played with a board, sometimes drawn on a cardboard/paper, and with makeshift tokens.

In the mobile version of ludo game, the dice rolls with a tap. Once you get a six, you can start moving around the board and get all your tokens to safety before your rivals get a chance to send them back. The real excitement begins once you start capturing your rival’s tokens, sending them back and not letting them win.

You can connect with your friends or your favourite partners in crime and play ludo game online together for the most fun experience ever. You also have the option of chatting while playing, which adds to the entertainment.

Even if you don’t have four people to play this, the game will fill the rest of the slots with bots. So grab whoever is online and start playing.


There is no way you can stop at one game with this one. Just like ludo, you can ask your friends to download this and play together. 

Being a game that is usually played at any given time and at the most random places, the mobile version also lets you do the same. The goal of the game is to play all your cards until you are left with none. When playing the second last card, you click on UNO instead of saying it out loud like in real life.


This game can be a little complicated to understand and will require you to strategise hard before taking a decision at every step. However, once you get the hang of it, there is no going back. 

The mobile version of monopoly is just as fun. The thrill of building houses and hotels in places you own and asking for rent when your co-players visit is a special feeling. The risk involved in every decision taken, and your fate decided by the roll of dice will leave you on a happy high.

Challenge three other friends of yours far away from you and quarantine will no longer feel that bad.

House Party

Designed for the youth, this app is a combination of gaming on a video call. True to its name, this will make you feel like you are attending a house party with all your friends playing exciting, unique games. 

One of the games on it is chips and guac, which is another version of cards against humanity. It also features different kinds of heads-up and trivia. 

All of these games can be played subjectively, adding to the fun. Have the right kind of people with you, and this app can keep you occupied for a really long time.

8-Ball Pool

Way better than playing the real game, this mobile app version is super fun and can be played with anyone online. There will be two sets of balls, one stripped and one solid colour. The goal is to pocket all of your designated balls before your opponent to win the game. 

Your skill will increase as you go. Although the feel of the real-life version is quite different from the mobile app version, this one is easier to play. When you start, your focus will only be on pocketing all your designated balls. 

However, once you master the art, you will also start creating severe instances for your opponent, which will take the game to the next level.


This one is for the intellectuals or people who like playing games that require a little brain tease. Checkmate! is ideal for the elderly who miss playing chess with their friends. 

All you have to do is get your friend to download the game, and you and they can play as much as you want at any time. You can also keep your skills intact by practising against a bot. This game will keep your sharpness on point and not let the lockdown blues get to you.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

This app having multiple party games is curated by Ellen DeGeneres. It has a series of unique house party type games, best to be played with your close group of friends. 

The game will give you an instance/word for which all of the players will have to come up with a fake answer. Once all of you submit it, all of the players have to guess which one is the real answer. The more creative you get, the more fun. 

Depending on how wacky you and your friends are, you can manipulate the minds of each other to get them thinking yours is the right answer. This is why playing with your close friends who you know well is way more fun when it comes to Psych. 

Keep Yourself Sane with Online Games

Playing online games do not always have the best reputation, especially among adults. However, during this challenging time, it is imperative to give special care to ways in which you can engage with other people while quarantined. 

Playing online games that were otherwise played offline is one of the best stress relief methods. What’s better? Playing these with your favourite group of people who you usually spend quality time with. 

Unlike the stereotype that online games can ruin a child, it can actually turn out to be really useful in skill development. More importantly, because you are tired of the lockdown year, give yourself a break, and enjoy your favourite game with your favourite people.

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