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When it comes to luxury watches, the world knows that Swiss watches are the ones to rely on. We all know that they create only the best and intricate watches. They house the best brands that handmade mechanical watches with the best watchmakers taking all the effort to assemble them cog by cog. They even have institutions that give certifications by testing a watch’s accuracy and precision. However, Swiss brand watches are not the only ones that can give you state-of-the-art watches. Other countries from different parts of the world also give you their kind of expertise when creating the best watches. Here are some of these brands.

Nomos Glashütte

Aside from Switzerland, Germany is also a country that boasts of releasing great luxury watches. What may be considered as a hotspot for watchmaking in Germany is the small town of Glashütte. Watchmakers have also found themselves in this Saxony town and started the watchmaking industry in the country. Today, it still endures and has even brought us outstanding luxury watches. An example of the brands from this town is the notable Nomos Glashutte.

They now design their watches in Berlin but the brand still takes pride in its history from Glashütte. Roland Schwerner found this brand in 1990 and became the largest mechanical timepiece manufacturer in the country.

This watch is the best for those who prefer minimalist designs. Nomos Glashütte is great with Bauhaus-inspired looks. Not only do casual watch lovers come to admire this brand, but it is even approved by watch collectors! Some of its pieces have earned awards such as the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, the Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design Award, and the Green Product Award.


Everyone might already know and love this Japanese brand that can compete at par with renowned luxury Swiss brands. Other watches use a mechanical movement. Meaning, watchmakers carefully engineer and assemble the inside of the watch cog by cog and gear by gear to make it keep time. This is why it is extra expensive. Seiko rose to fame because of its excellent quality watches at affordable prices. Their secret? Quartz movement. Aside from using mechanical movement, they use quartz to allow the hands to move and tell time.

However, they are not only known for their quartz watches. They are also famous for their mechanical watches that have a rich history.


You may have already heard about this French brand. If you are someone who loves fashion, you may already even know this by heart! Known to showcase the best pieces of gems and jewelry, Cartier is loved by lots of fashion gurus and A-listers. This is why it no longer comes as a surprise to know that they also give us one of the classiest watches ever! Cartier watches and jewelry are interesting to look into (and own) because of their motifs which come from art, history, travel, and more. The brand has also released iconic watches that had married a woman’s love for diamonds and the hustle that breeds the need for reliable timepieces. One of the iconic watches they have released is the Tank Watch. From the screen, through politics, to royalty, the Tank Watch has been one of the chosen watches.


When you think about the grandeur that is Rome, this brand is sure to have been one of the heirs of the said glory. This Italian brand has stayed strong since its establishment in 1884. With Sotirio Bulgari’s expertise as a silversmith, the Greek founder established the brand with such excellence in creating jewelry. Today, Bvlgari has expanded to clothes, accessories like bags and shoes, and perfumes. Of course, people also love the brand’s luxury watches.

They also created watches of cultural importance with the latest technology trends.

. One of these is the Serpenti Watch. This is the watch that is perfect for those who want a bit of drama and grace at the same time. Bvlgari first released it in the 1940s, but it was in the 1960s when it peaked in the market when Cleopatra actress Elizabeth Taylor wore it at an event for her movie.


This UK brand has unique roots in providing reliable watches for the military. With such responsibility resting on Bremont’s wristwatches, you can already vouch for the great quality of their watches. It showcases watch designs that are rugged and practical, yet sexy. Bremont is a younger watch brand that was only founded in 2002.

They have the recent Armed Forces Collection which features 3 watches: Army, Navy, and the Royal Air Force. Bremont made these watches in partnership even with the Ministry of Defence. This resulted in great timepieces that marry traditional British military aesthetics and the watchmaking technologies that contemporary times can offer.

A. Lange & Söhne

A. Lange & Söhne is another brand that takes pride in its German roots. It is the first watchmaking company in the town of Glashütte as established by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in 1845. When it comes to watchmaking, this brand’s expertise is guaranteed that it even created a watch with a double chronograph. The unique thing about this watch is its ability to record multiple time intervals at once. People love A. Lange & Söhne because of its craftsmanship. Oh, and did we mention that the brand also provided trusty watches for soldiers and aviators during the war?

Andersen Genève

Denmark also did not miss the watchmaking race because Svend Andersen opened his shop in 1979. Andersen graduated from the Danish Watchmaker School. He created the “Bottle Clock” way back in 1969 which made him a notable watchmaker. His shop let loose his creativity and started manufacturing more brilliant watches.

Go international

Here are just some of the renowned watch brands that other countries also offer. There are more watch brands that you can check out! It is interesting to browse watch brands from different countries because each watch is unique and pays homage to where they are born and raised. If you want to check out more watch brands, has various superb timepieces to offer!

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