The gaming world continues to expand, and whilst the chance to play against friends is very appealing there are also a wide range of games available to enjoy on your own. The beauty of the technology in the modern world means that we can play games in so many formats, you can play casino games from your smartphone, football games on the laptop or combat games on a console. The options are endless for a gamer and allow you to have a choice and experience all different ways to play. Add in the graphics and sound which is continuously enhancing, making our games all the more realistic.

Every gamer out there will have their own preferences when it comes to what they play; however, this will look at some of the good options available to those of you who want to play single-player games. Firstly, you have Betway’s secure online casino, which provides you with a range of casino games, including the usual blackjack and roulette. This is perfect for single gamers, expertly replicating the feeling of a casino, whether that is the nervous anticipation of the roulette spin or the hope of landing the big jackpot. With casino games in shop stores more popular than ever it is easy to see why people can enjoy these types of games on their own devices.

There are many other ways to get the buzz you crave from the gaming world. Another popular single player game is Football Manager, the addictive game that can put you in charge of your favourite football team. Allowing users to take over all roles that a normal manager would, the game is regularly released just after a new season starts and has a legion of fans who can’t wait to get going. The challenge to take your own team through the leagues or to winning trophies seems very appealing to the gamers out there. This is predominantly played on the PC format, yet there are more options available on the console for gamers, whether that be the Xbox or PlayStation which are the two most popular out there. The consoles feature a wide range of games, and whilst a significant proportion are available on PC format, it struggles to stand up to the accurate graphics and features that could come through your TV. The spectrum of games available for gamers via a console is huge, ranging from action games such as Assassins Creed to the less violent Guitar Hero!


Whichever is your choice, and there are many more out there, the range of options provide great access for gamers. With a lot of gaming focussing on playing online and against people it is hard to remember that there are some games that you can just play on your own and challenge yourself, and whether it involves, sports, casino or action, it’s possible to fulfil the passion that you have.

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