A panoramic night view of a brightly lit cityscape along a coastline, with silhouetted mountains in the background and clear skies above, making it one of the best places to start a tech company

Startup life is already a fast-paced and difficult world. So don’t make it harder than it needs to be by living in Silicon Valley and paying higher prices than necessary. Instead, you can enjoy alternatives that may offer even more of what you’re looking without breaking the bank. Here are HQ locations to consider starting your tech company in:

Bangalore, India

The Best Places to Start a Tech Company in 2018 (hint: it's not Silicone Valley) 1
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For decades, India has been intentionally investing in technological education for its citizenry, resulting in a high number of tech startups moving some or all of their operations to the South Asian nation. Boasting a population of over 9 million people, with low real estate and labor costs and – most importantly – a wealth of developers and other technologically-skilled workers, Bangalore is an ideal location for new businesses entering the market.

Austin, Texas

The Best Places to Start a Tech Company in 2018 (hint: it's not Silicone Valley) 2
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With zero state income tax, it’s no wonder Austin has a surge in startups moving there. You have access to young professionals coming out of UT and other techies already in the area. Remember to bring a t-shirt, because it gets hot.

Shanghai, China

The Best Places to Start a Tech Company in 2018 (hint: it's not Silicone Valley) 3
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Thinking outside the box can sometimes benefit your company in big ways. If you want to consider moving abroad to form your company, China could offer a range of cheap engineers to design your app or website. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll pay a little extra for solutions to getting around the national firewall which can be annoying.

Silicon Slopes

The Best Places to Start a Tech Company in 2018 (hint: it's not Silicone Valley) 4
Image Credit: Central Bank Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah and the greater metro area is becoming known as Silicon Slopes. It features a wide variety of tech and hardware firms ranging from Adobe to SanDisk, and even the NSA has a data center there. The state features attractive tax laws and a healthy source of tech workers. Also, it’s only about a two-hour flight from Silicone Valley if you need to occasionally visit HQ. Last but not least, you can go skiing in no time with the beautiful snowy mountains nearby.

When it comes to starting a tech company, there are many factors that you have to consider. One of these factors is the location. Your location will control the pool of labor, the local resources, and overall tax incentives you enjoy. So don’t jump into a place before doing your research. The above locations are great starting point in your journey to find the perfect HQ.

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