Gaming is very demanding, especially with the fact that when new games hit the market every year, they tend to outdo the hardware capabilities of the devices. Some of the sophisticated games whose graphics alter the course of gaming. Examples of these kinds of games include Destiny 2, the Witcher 3, Myst, Doom 3, and many more. These games are known for pushing your gaming devices to their highest limits. For that reason, they might force you to test your new graphics card while sitting on the best topsky gaming chair. These games as follows;

The Witcher 3

This game was released in 2015 and received a lot of praises from the public especially the big fans. A few years later, people are still in shock of how such a game came into existence and outdid many of the previous games. The game is primarily known for its capability to stretch your system and also in regards to its GPUs. For one to play this game, you are required to have a potent and modern graphics card. If you lack the new models, there are also older cards that do magic in the gaming such as Nvidia GTX 770 or even an AMD Radeon R9 290.


For one to play Witcher 3, the most recommendable specifications of their system should be;

  • A high processor; should be Corei5-3770
  • A memory of 8GB RAM
  • If using NVIDIA graphics card, it should be NVIDIA GTX 770
  • If using an AMD graphics card, it should be AMD R9 290

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the best well-designed games you will ever come across. The detailing in this game leaves one in awe. The other thing about the game is perfect lighting! Once you get to a different location in the game, the lighting looks outstanding and magical from the last scene. In addition to this, transitions between different scenes are dramatic and straightforward in a way mainly due to work well done by the developer.


Optimization has taken an excellent course in developed of Destiny 2. Although you can still enjoy the game even with your older hardware, you need the new device to enjoy all the visual experience of this fantastic game!

Final Fantasy XV

If you are still looking for the latest gaming series, Fantasy XV comes in to save you from your lookout. The developer is known for his skills to produce a detailed and expansive environment for gaming.

On the other hand, if you are yet to play the Final Fantasy series, it is advisable to equip oneself with the high-performance GPU. The graphics of the game range from high, low, medium, and even highest. In addition to that, we should know that the world appreciates the life of ultra where you use the settings of 1440p.


Far-Cry 5

Far-Cry 5 is the game that takes you through the states of Montana in detail and later brings it right into your computer. If you have never been to this state, you are given a chance to wander to the mountains, rivers, glade, and the likes. This is a game that will keep you on your toes looking enjoying the scenery rather than following the storyline.

Although one can still enjoy the game in older hardware such as Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal, you need to upgrade to the best GPU is you need to enjoy the game in 60+ FPS at 1080p in the ultra-settings. In addition to this, if you need to enjoy the game in 1440p, you can use either 2 GPUs in CrossFire or SLI configuration.


here is no way a gamer will sink their hard-earned cash into purchasing the best Graphics card only to lack games to test its usability. This leaves one to showcase their new GPU hardware on flashy games as discussed above. Although there are many games to choose from, one should be careful to select the most modern games that turn out best when used in the best machines.

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