The best game of the summer.

Looking for the best mobile games? You’re in luck because right now feels like a golden era of gaming for mobile. It’s come a long way over the past few years, from the bitty basic Snake to the evolution that was Doodle Jump before becoming the present-day, gorgeous, console-worthy narrative experiences developed for Android and iOS devices. With that in mind, here are five of the best in mobile games you can enjoy this summer.


Top deck, Hearthstone.

Strategy specialists Blizzard Entertainment have given birth to yet another addictive game in the form of card-battler Hearthstone, the latest expansion of which The Witchwood arrived only last month. The latest digital card game from the Blizzard wizards is based on the World of Warcraft and features one-on-one, turn-based, card-collecting battles where, upon winning special cards of which there are plenty, you can summon dragons and cast spells. The real trick to this though, as is always the case with Blizzard, is formulating and utilizing match-winning strategies. In fact, so complex can this game be that it has become popularized by online poker professionals who have used it either as a training tool or as Hearthstone training aid.

In the game, all the cards have different powers and the numbers that combine create the perfect, invincible deck of e-cards that will lead you to your victory. Hearthstone is free to play and available across OS X, Windows, iOS and Android and know this, one account fits all. You and the other 30 million+ players worldwide can build a collection of digital playing cards on any of these platforms by logging into your account and picking up where you left off. Not that you’ll be putting it down anytime soon though.

Micro Machines

Micro Machines
Retro, Micro Machines.

The classic and somewhat retro mid-80’s toys Micro Machines are back, this time in the form of a spin-off racing video game for mobile. In a funny way, Codemasters’ masterpiece is better than before. Maybe it’s me, but either way, it’s good. Luckily, too, it’s available for both Android and iOS. The gameplay differs from its previous life on the Mega Drive (ask your parents), having been rejigged to fit in with modern-day on-the-go gaming.

Video games in the 90s may not have required in-game coins, items, bonuses and other upgrade options, but they did require purchasing from a shop in the first place, which this doesn’t, so it’s worth persisting with the constant kit upsell. Since we last played with these tiny cars, clever people have invented the internet, meaning we can now play and challenge our friends online over 18 different tracks; something we couldn’t do previously. Which is good because the online multiplayer mode is where the fun is at. The battles are rough, and the races are enjoyable, but also easy once you get the hang of the controls. In all, it’s the same 2D racer from before, but given a digital whitewash that smooths over the graphics and promotes fun and nostalgia for your mobile, making it the best version yet.

Governor of Poker 2

Governor of Poker
Feeling flush, Governor of Poker 2.

Not a fan of poker? Don’t worry, you will still find something to enjoy in Governor of Poker 2. Why? Well, because this isn’t a poker game as such. Rather, this is a narrative-driven game that manages to be both fun and addictive and only uses the card-based game as a tool to drive the story along. It’s much more about wandering around an open world hub and pulling up at a table to play with in-game acquaintances.

Your mission in this Wild West game is to assuage the governor’s stubborn subscription to the notion that poker is a game of luck rather than skill. Convince him otherwise by interacting with the locals and playing a few friendly hands of Texas Hold ‘em at the saloon’s card tables, and you’ll be rewarded with in-game money to spend on buying buildings that generate a daily income to spend in the shop. Fun-filled, fully customizable and an open-world, this game catches the thrills of poker without being off-putting for those who would normally stay away from this type of thing. Although for those in the know, it’s hard to miss this not-so-subtle lampooning of U.S. gambling laws.


Full house, 888Poker.

For those of you that do like a game of actual poker online, then the app offered up by industry powerhouse 888Poker is, we believe, the best in what is a crowded marketplace. Featuring futuristic Tron-like graphics, the 888Poker app takes everything available on the desktop — Seven-Card Stud and the like, plus MTTs, Blast Sit-and-Go’s and the fast-folding Snap — and repackages it to look quite unlike the experience at the same site through a computer.

The mobile app offers trusted software and a worthy selection of games that are fully compatible with all the top devices. Like most other apps of a similar type, in-game features include text chat where, should you wish, you can make friends or get the heads-up on your opponents’ game while like Hearthstone above you develop a strategy to help deliver the win. From recreational players to more experienced card sharks, there is enough here to keep card players of all levels entertained.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2
Saving the day, Injustice 2.

The original Injustice: Gods Among Us thrilled fans of the beat ‘em up so much that the DC gang is back for another go. That, like this, comes in both console and mobile and as before, the mobile version more than holds its own against its console cousin. Back for the reunion are Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman as well as baddies such as The Joker and Harley Quinn, joined now by Doctor Fate, Gorilla Grodd and Black Canary.

The story picks up with Supergirl’s journey to Earth and the retelling of Superman’s breakdown following the death of Lois Lane. The surprisingly long story mode campaign even features cut-scenes from the console version for added authenticity. This mobile second-coming brings with it new leap attacks as well as enabling players to perform the combos that will allow their character to execute their special power. All this looks more amazing thanks to the cutting-edge graphics, quick action and deep gameplay employed here by makers NetherRealms Studios. As before, Injustice 2 is free to download and play.

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