Has Mobile Video Gaming Hit Its Glass Ceiling?

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Last updated on March 19th, 2023 at 04:51 pm

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Few innovations in video games have made as huge an impact as the advent and development of mobile gaming. While early mobile games may have been relatively primitive – for example, many people will remember to painstakingly move a snake around their Nokia 3310 – industry changes made since have rapidly moved mobile gaming on from this humble beginning, arguably putting it beyond the reaches of console and PC gaming.

Is this newer form of technology still the future of video gaming, though, or is it limited? In 2015, Konami made the call that the future of gaming was mobile, and while many weren’t happy with that idea, the fact that such a huge company in the gaming landscape felt comfortable making this call made it seem like there was little point fighting the wave of articles suggesting that mobile gaming was the only viable future for the industry. However, in 2018, console gaming is still very much a part of the gaming scene, as is PC gaming.

Casinos and replicating social interaction 

Interestingly, Nintendo have brought forth an intriguing game to the console gaming scene, and it’s a title that had until recently been almost entirely aimed at the mobile gaming domain: Football Manager Touch. This seems to suggest that it is mobile gaming (Football Manager has in recent years largely belonged to this domain) now driving forward console gaming and influencing it, rather than superseding it.

It is arguable that this relationship is a reflection, to an extent, of the limitations of mobile gaming. Take the online gambling industry as an example, and the battle to recreate the social interactions that make physical trips to the casino so appealing and memorable. Physical casinos offer social interaction in abundance, hence the popularity of the locations listed at slot-machines.ca/live-slots-locations-canada/, a list which takes into account some of the best locations in Canada, like Red Shores Racetrack and Casino and Northlands Park.

The restricted social elements of mobile gaming have not enabled it to become as interactive as the real life experience. In contrast, PC gaming allows gamers to enjoy gaming experiences as diverse as grykasyno.biz, where gamers can shop around to look for the best offers, and once they have found the best game to play, whether it be blackjack or poker, they can take advantage of live streaming technology to chat to other players, and dealers, and immerse themselves in a more lifelike casino experience.

The ease of simultaneous interaction and playing makes this sort of social integration a far more appealing aspect of PC gaming when compared to mobile gaming.

Where next?

Virtual reality technology seems to be something that just isn’t catching on in the mainstream, while augmented technology is needing to receive new boosts in order to keep it fresh, with the release of the latest Ghostbusters title for mobiles. The real hero, however, that is keeping traditional forms of gaming relevant is the pace at which eSports is taking off. With the games played on consoles or PCs, this is a form of entertainment likely to keep growing in popularity around the world.

If eSports does continue to grow in popularity, then no doubt one of the effects will be a further boost to traditional forms of gaming as viewers look to play the games that their new heroes are playing, helping to keep consoles and PCs relevant for a lot longer, perhaps, than mobile.

Has Mobile Video Gaming Hit Its Glass Ceiling? 1

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