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The gaming industry generated a revenue of $165 billion generated in 2020. This growth has been fuelled by the growth of technology. The first commercial game machine was called the ‘Brown Box’ and it was released in 1967 and soon followed by ‘Pong’ which was created by Atari in 1972. Soon after we saw the introduction of arcade games which included captivating games such as Pacman and Space Invaders attracting more people into the arcades as the industry continued growing in revenue and size.

The arcade technology at that time was exciting and fun for the gamers as it introduces ways for people to record their progress, set high scores and challenge other gamers. It created a space where a community of gamers can come together. The technology also enabled users to see their characters and included sound themes and colours which gamers would come to associate with their favourite games. 

The introduction of home consoles meant that gamers could now play their favourite games at their own convenience from their homes. They could buy a number of their favourite cartridges to play games and the graphics were still very similar to what was available in the arcades. The games gave them an opportunity to play on their own as well as challenge friends on multi-player options. Hand-held games consoles were also being introduced which allowed more people to take their games on the move.

However, it was not until the creation of the internet and progression to mobile gaming that the industry began gaining momentum as plyers could access games at any time and from anywhere. Technology advancement meant that more games could be reached by players without the need to fill their house with cartridges. They could also reach other gamers online and as the platforms were updated, it was easier to have access to the most up to date games.        

More companies are using online platforms as they are a way to continue reaching their customers. Betting websites and casinos have been able to use this technology to create entertaining platforms where they can continue to improve the delivery of their games. They have been able to provide large variety of games which keep their users interested and for others to get involved and you can find some at for example. Also using technology enables the graphics to be updated to enable the best visual and sound delivery for the end user. So, when a player chooses to play their favourite slot machine from their phone, they do not feel that there is any functionality missing.

Technology will continue to be useful in the growth of the gaming industry as more platforms and software continue to be improved for the end user’s enjoyment.

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