For most school graduates, applying to a university and moving out of their homes is a big step. Changing your environment takes you out from the comfort zone; thus, it is a real challenge for most youngsters. It is exciting and scary at the same time. But, in most cases, the change is worth it!

What are you expecting from college? We bet most of you will say that it is lots of new people, academic papers, hard work, and a dorm. 

Meeting people is an inevitable part of integrating into a new society. Thus, this expectation will likely come true.

In the case of studies and homework, it will likely be challenging, but there are plenty of tools that will help you handle it. For example, students can always contact a reliable writing service and ask them something like write my essay online to manage all the tasks with burning deadlines.

When it comes to the dorms, that’s where many students face the greatest disappointment. Thinking of a typical college dorm, most of us imagine a tiny, messy room with terrible lighting and absolutely no modern tech solutions. However, the good news is that this must not be the case! 

Today, there are plenty of campuses that strive to be more tech-savvy. In the 21st century, many colleges are trying to create more comfortable environments for their students. Moreover, some dorms are so good, they actually can make you want to stay there forever!

What dorms are the most comfortable and tech-savvy? In this article, you will find a list of the top three campuses that are the nicest to live in!

Tech-Savvy Dorms: How Universities Create Homes for Digital Natives 1

For many decades, students didn’t have much choice in terms of living conditions they will have in college. Luckily, today, in the age of tech, more and more campuses are trying to offer their students a unique living experience.

In the list below, we have collected some of the best college dorms that every student dreams of living in!

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan did an excellent job of providing its students with a comfortable space for living and a high-tech academic complex at the same time. The university has created a unique North Quadrangle Residential and Academic Complex. This is a luxurious facility that has everything students may need for comfortable living and studying.

The rooms in this complex are single, meaning that you will not have to share it with others. Every place is suite-styled with a private bathroom and luxurious design. Thus, living in such a neat place for three or more years should be quite pleasurable.

As for the academic solutions, this complex also includes classrooms meant for students from the Screen Arts and Communication Studies faculties.

Finally, this complex features ten micro-restaurants and market-style food service. All these benefits make it a perfect dorm!

Nanjing University

Most of us know that rooms on the campus are assigned randomly, not considering your personal traits, preferences, or interests. Most of us just have to deal with it. However, keeping in mind that you are going to spend about four years with these people, it would be nice to have at least something in common with them.

Nanjing University was one of the first facilities in its area to change the way students get roommates. It has launched an online questionnaire to define what interests and habits every first-year student has. Next, with the help of a unique algorithm, they tried to find a perfect match for everyone. 

Such an approach is meant to ensure friendlier environments in the rooms and help students connect better. Later, Xi’an Jiaotong University has also adopted this idea.

Arizona State University

Building their newest residence, Arizona State University’s authorities made a real focus on incorporating technology in the students’ living space.

The facility has provided its freshmen with 1,600 Echo Dots for personal and academic use. All these devices were donated to the university by Amazon. The main idea behind this decision is to encourage young people to experiment and learn to work with technology in their everyday life.

Apart from that, the residence features tech-savvy eSpace classrooms that offer a unique learning experience.


How Do Universities Create Environments for Digital Natives?

We’ve already discussed some of the world’s most technological campuses. Now, let’s try to define the top tech trends that we expect to be adopted by universities!

Locking Systems

Security has always been one of the essential basic needs of every person. Thus, making dorms more secure seems to be trending among universities.

One of the most exciting opportunities in this sphere assumes using your smartphone as a virtual key that can unlock the doors around the campus. This idea seems to have good potential as it is more convenient than carrying a pack of keys with you, and it is also much more secure, ensuring that no unauthorized people will access the school’s space.


The SmartClick payment system developed by Philadelphia-based Campus Apartments housing company was the first of its kind. This system allows students to pay their rent online and request the services they need.

Now, the company has added a possibility to log into the system via Facebook, which has made its application even more convenient.

Better Laundry Experience

Laundry is something every student faces while being in college, and often, it is associated with a few problems. The biggest issue with laundry is that you always need to have some change with you to wash the clothes. This is inconvenient and way too old-fashioned. Luckily, Princeton, NJ,-based Heartland Payment Systems Campus Solutions has come up with a brilliant idea of how to change this. 

The company has created a system called WaveRider. This tool enables you to pay for laundry using a debit card and watch the status of their laundry right from a convenient mobile app.

Final Words

In the 21st century, creating tech-savvy environments for college students is as important as ever. Technology has profoundly integrated into all spheres of our lives. Thus, using it to enhance students’ living and learning experiences is definitely a good idea.

Many facilities have done a lot to make their environments more technological and modern, and they don’t stop there. Others are just making their first steps. In any case, we believe that in the nearest future, we will be able to observe how dorm life changes once and forever, and the campuses mentioned above are proving this!

Our final tip for students is to make everything possible to adopt technologies into their lives. Even if you are not in one of the facilities mentioned on our list, there are plenty of devices that will help you turn a regular dorm into a tech-savvy one!

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