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Spyier has undeniably become the best application for monitoring your near and dear ones. Trusted by 190+ countries, the app comes packed with numerous features that simplified the lives of many and prevented various happenings.

But, is the app good enough to be your companion? Is it safe to utilize the mobile application for keeping a watchful eye on your loved ones?

Let us take a comprehensive look at this spying app from different aspects in this article, beginning with the look and feel.

Basic Architecture of Android/iOS Spying App

Though designed to operate secretly, the Spyier app has everything you expect from a user-perspective. A few of the characteristics you can keep into consideration are as follows.

  1. Ease of Use

Spyier’s dashboard is quite simple and convenient to use. So, you do not have to bear the pain of having technical knowledge for using it. You can easily learn how to surf across the platform.

Another great point about this phone tracking mobile application is that all the main features are available at single-click tabs. This again means that the users do not have to scroll across several interfaces for opting for a single functionality.

  1. No Jailbreaking

Unlike many phone tracking apps that run on Android and iOS platforms, Spyier does not demand users to root or jailbreak the targeted device. You can run it on any device undetectable with just a few simple steps. Click here to learn more about the working of Spyier mobile app.

  1. Web Dashboard

Another factor that makes everyone inclined towards the Spyier application is its web dashboard. You can employ the application from any PC or phone via a web browser. You need not install any add-on to the browser.

  1. Battery-Friendly

The Spyier mobile app either operates remotely or consumes minimal memory space. That implies you can easily use it on any device. It does not require you to uninstall any application on your loved one’s device or make them accustomed to hanging phones.

  1. High-end Security

Lastly, Spyier is a 100% secure app. It does not prey on any private data or stores them on their servers. Apart from this, the application uses the latest encryption protocols that ensure that you get great relief while using it.

With this covered, let’s turn towards the user-oriented features of the Spyier application.

Key Features of Spyier Mobile Application

  1. Access Contact & App List

Spying a mobile app keeps you aware of all the phone numbers added, edited, or deleted in the contact list of your loved ones. This further aids you in knowing the person they are interacting with during these days.

Likewise, this phone tracking application also reveals information about the apps they have recently installed into their device. Something that alerts you about the type of apps they are spending most of their recent time. 

  1. View Call Logs

Under this functionality, Spyier mobile application makes it convenient for an individual to keep track of all the dialed numbers, the call duration, and other related information associated with the targeted person’s smartphone.

  1. Check SMS

The Spyier app has the option to investigate the text messages exchanged on your targeted person’s phone. This makes it easier for you to remain well-versed with all the scam messages they are receiving as well as the information they are sharing via SMS and with whom. 

  1. Track Real-time Location

This functionality not solely enables individuals to check their loved one’s geolocation at any instant, but also get insights on their complete journey for the day.  

  1. Preview Data Files

The phone tracking application also offers individuals the functionality to examine the media files stored by their targeted audience on Android/iOS devices.

  1. Record Social Media Interactions

Be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, Snapchat, or any other social networking site, you can easily keep a tab on all the interactions the targeted people make on their device using the Spyier app.

  1. Scan Browser History

This Android and iOS app also renders users in getting access to their loved one’s website history at any instant. 

Now that you are acquainted with the app features, it’s time for uncovering the areas where the app can be your perfect option.

Use Cases of Spyier Platform

While many feel that spying applications are meant to check upon their spouses only, it is not so. The Spyier application extends its services for multiple causes and targeted audiences. This includes – 

  1. For Tracking Your Children 

The threats to children are at the peak these days. Cyber Attackers and other evil people are using the innocent nature and poor communication with the parents to earn money.

In such a scenario, the Spyier app comes forth with its essential features that not solely entitled parents to know about the exact location of their children, but also create a safe zone for them. It also shares alerts with parents when their younger ones step out of these safe zones and thus, aid them in ensuring safety. 

  1. For Monitoring Your Employee’s Activities

Nowadays, many companies are bribing the competitor’s employees for getting sensitive information and making an impact. The Spyier app, in this case, makes it easier for brands to test the loyalty of their people and remain prepared for any hidden challenge by surveilling the individual’s online activities. 

As you are well-versed with the basic considerations about the Spyier app, let’s move towards the pricing plans section. 

Spyier Price Plans: How to Pick Anything Within Your Budget

Knowing that every person has a different requirement and budget range, Spyier offers varied pricing plans –

  1. Basic Plan

Available at just $39.99/month, this plan enables individuals to keep a watchful eye on the fundamental activities. This includes call logs, real-time location, photos, contacts, video preview, bookmarks, browser history, and text messages. 

  1. Premium Plan

As the name depicts, this Spyier phone tracking plan provides more benefits than what is possible with the basic plan. That implies an individual can also consider this plan for monitoring calendar activities, app lists, keyloggers, and social media interactions. 

It is accessible at the yearly price of $119.99 and $129.99 for Android and iOS platforms, respectively.

  1. Family Plan

The family plan enables individuals to track nearly 3 Android or 5 iPhone devices at the cost of $69.99 and $99.99 correspondingly. With this plan, it allows them to remain familiar with SIM card alert and location, keylogger, social media interactions, browser history, real-time location, text messages, and various other such facilities on the targeted phones.

  1. Business Plan

Curated specifically for iOS users, this plan gives individuals an opportunity to keep track of all the activities happening on about 25 devices instantly and efficiently. 

What’s more interesting is that a free trial is also available with each service of the Spyier app.

The Final Verdict

When talking about phone tracking, Spyier is a worth-trying application. It comes loaded with ample features and functionalities, and aids you with endless opportunities. So, if you wish to use the app but are confused if it’s apt or not, refer to this app review effortlessly.

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