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Most of us will now probably have a smart TV in our homes that’s capable of streaming movies and playing online games. But smart technology is about so much more than this as the interconnected nature of the latest home gadgets looks to make our homes feel very futuristic indeed.

Security advances

The humble lock on your front door has remained fairly unchanged for decades. But all of that looks to change with remotely lockable front doors. Whilst this sounds fairly unexciting, it’s proven to be massively handy in allowing guests to enter our homes whilst we’re out and about.

The same goes for the latest wave of smart security cameras that give us the very 21st-century way to remotely monitor what’s happening in our home and garden from the convenience of our smartphone displays.

Electronic assistance

The biggest change in our homes has already arrived with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa. These incredible gadgets are able to act as our digital butlers and can do a huge range of tasks from rating a movie on IMDB to adjusting the temperature of your central heating.

Whilst this incredible technology is still unable to carry out a full conversation, it shows how our smart gadgets are now able to assist us in even the most mundane tasks.

Smart entertainment

The arrival of the smart TV has certainly broadened our viewing entertainment. From being able to use your TV to make a video-chat on the big screen to turning your home into a casino thanks to the Lucky Nugget Casino gaming site, our televisions are once again becoming the central part of our entertainment.

But it’s the way that Sonos’ multi-room speaker set-up can help control audio in different rooms of the house that once again shows how smart technology gives us the perfect way to be lazier than ever.

Food technology

Smart technology has also given us plenty of interesting additions to the kitchen. From smart frying pans that aim to help us make the ultimate fried egg, to smart refrigerators with internal cameras so that you can check the contents from afar, it shows how there are few areas of home-life that can’t be brought into the 21st century.

And whilst smart toothbrushes might not be quite ready to become mass consumer items, there’s no denying that everything from playing casino games to remotely checking our security just got a whole lot easier!

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