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We are pleased to announce a new utility custom built by us called Shoretel Account Viewer.

Shoretel Account Viewer is a small installable utility that allows you to connect to your Shoretel systems MySQL database and return information on any users account within that environment.

This is an essential tool for any Shoretel administrator as it will also decrypt the MD5 hash for the Shoretel Communicator Client Password, allowing you to view this password in plain text and advise your end users should they forget this password.


Click the link below to go to our Shoretel Account Viewer microsite for lots more details, instructions, free download and purchase information.

Download Shoretel Account Viewer


The full set of information that the current version returns to you based on the extension number you enter is:

  • Shoretel Communicator Username
  • Shoretel Communicator Password
  • Shoretel Voicemail Password
  • Shoretel Communicator Last Password Update Date and Time
  • Shoretel Voicemail Last Password Update Date and Time
  • Shoretel Communicator RAW MD5 Password Hash
  • Allow SoftPhone
  • Allow Video Calls
  • Contact Center Integration Enabled
  • Allow Telephony Presence
  • Mobility Enabled

The utility is very simple, just enter the MySQL database details for your Shoretel environment, then enter an extension number and it will return all the information to you as stated above. See screenshots of the utility below to show this is better detail:

Shoretel Account Viewer v1.0 Released 1
Shoretel Account Viewer v1.0 Released 2
Shoretel Account Viewer v1.0 Released 3

There is also a Pro version available for you to purchase for just $19.99 which allows you to distribute to as many machines as you like within your business using the MSI installer. It also does not have any adverts or link backs.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future releases on this product, then please feel free to leave us a message below using our comments system.

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