Promotional graphic for a blog post titled " Review: Does It Paraphrase Better Than Human?" featuring icons of books and laptops on a blue and white background. is an AI-based paraphrasing tool that allows users to paraphrase content without changing its original meaning. Users can use this paraphrasing tool in order to paraphrase sentences, paragraphs, assignments, research articles, and even blog posts.

This tool is designed to understand and paraphrase users’ content more accurately than humans. It paraphrases the content in such a way that it will be more readable, meaningful, grammatically correct, and free from any plagiarism.

Apart from this, it further offers a number of notable features that allow users to customize the content according to their writing needs.

Notable features of

Some of the most notable features offered by this AI paraphrasing tool are discussed below:

1.     User-interface

First of all, this tool has a very easy and user-friendly interface. This means when you type the URL of this tool, you will directly land on the required page where they need to provide the content to the tool that they want to rephrase. After providing the content, the tool will then first identify the language of the content using AI, and then properly understand the context of the content. Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 1

After language and context identification, the paraphrasing tool will then start rephrasing the content by replacing words/phrases with their simple yet relevant synonyms. This will result in effective and accurate rephrased content.

In general words, the tool’s intuitive user interface makes it a decent option for people from all walks of life.

2.     Multiple Paraphrasing modes

One of the most useful features offered by this rephrasing tool is multiple paraphrasing modes. It offers six modes for users with different rephrasing requirements. Each mode has its own style of rephrasing. Let’s take a quick look at them.

·        Fluency mode

This is the most basic paraphrasing mode. Its main task is to improve the overall readability of the input content. It works by replacing words/phrases with synonyms with a maximum word limit of 600.

For more understanding, let us explain by providing an example. We are going a paraphrase a paragraph by using the fluency mode in order to make sure how it deals with it. The result we got can be seen in the attached picture below: Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 2

As can be seen in the image attached above, this paraphrasing mode has paraphrased the input text by replacing words with their relevant synonyms. For example, in the image above, the tool has replaced “easy-to-understand interface” with “pretty straightforward”.

·        Standard mode:

The standard mode is used to make the content tone more formal. This mode is widely used by professionals and organizations in order to make their business documents look professional. The standard mode also has a maximum word limit of 600 for each submission.

In order to how this mode works, we are going to rephrase the same paragraph that we used for fluency mode to make sure what output it generates. The result can be seen in the image below: Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 3

As you can in the output of paraphrased content, the mode has efficiently improved the tone by both changing and restructuring words/phrases.

·        Word Changer:

As the name suggests, this rephrasing mode works by changing the words and phrases of the input while also improving the overall sentence structure. It is widely used by students to make sure their assignments are unique. Additionally, this mode has a maximum word limit of 2000. Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 4

So, as you can see the tool has paraphrased the input content by replacing complex words/phrases with simple yet relevant synonyms.

·        Creative mode:

This mode (and the other two also that have been discussed below) is only available for users with a paid plan of So, to provide you with an honest review, we have purchased a premium plan (weekly) for this tool.

This mode rephrases the content more creatively. It is usually used by content writers especially the ones who are writing to promote specific brands/services. This mode will help them in giving a creative tone to their content.

Want to see how? Let’s have a look at the picture below: Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 5

·        Smarter mode:

This is the smartest mode offered by this tool. This mode completely rephrases the input content with the help of AI algorithms. This mode is also paid and has a maximum word limit of 1500 words.

In order to show you how it completely rephrases the input, we have attached a picture below: Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 6

As can be seen in the picture above, the paraphrasing mode has paraphrased the entire text for improved readability, and clarity.

·        Shorten mode:

Last but not the least, the paraphrasing tool has shortened mode for people who want to make their short and concise. This mode work by first understanding the main points of input content, and then paraphrase it accordingly.

To know how this mode looks like in action, see the image below: Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 7

As you can see in the output, the tool has shortened the submitted text by only taking the important sentences.

So, after using all the paraphrasing modes, we can say that each mode has a different way of rephrasing which makes this tool a decent option for users with writing requirements.

·        Plagiarism Free Content

In human paraphrasing, there is always a risk of ending up creating plagiarized content, due to a lack of vocabulary and writing skills. But on the other hand, when you paraphrase content using Paraphraser there is almost no chance that you will get plagiarized rephrased content from the tool.

To demonstrate this, we have provided a piece of already published content in order to see how the tool deal with it. Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 8

Now the tool has rephrased the plagiarized content that we have provided. It’s now time to make sure whether the output content is plagiarism free or not. To ensure the uniqueness of the paraphrased text, we are going to scan the text with Paraphraser’s built-in plagiarism checker.

After checking the content with the checker, we have got the below results: Review – Does it Paraphrase better than humans 9

3.     Multiple language support

This is yet another excellent feature that has. It is available in numerous languages so that users from all around the world can rephrase the content in their native. It supports 22 languages including English, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, and more.

4.     Human-Level Paraphrasing

One of the most useful features that this paraphrasing tool has, is its ability to perform human-level paraphrasing. It uses advanced AI-based algorithms and NLP (Natural Processing Language) to understand both language and useful patterns in the input text, and then perform paraphrase the content in such a way that it will look like it was done by a human.


When it comes to pricing, this paraphrasing tool offers multiple plans for users with different budget requirements. The plan includes weekly, monthly, and yearly, weekly is a decent option for students and teachers. And monthly plan is suitable for regular users such as content writers, while a yearly is ideal for organizations.

Want to know about the price range and other benefits that these plans offer? We have listed below take a look:

  • Weekly (Just in $7 for seven days) and 1500-word limit
  • Monthly ($20 for thirty days) and 1500 words limit
  • Yearly ($150 for 365 days) and 1500 words limit


Lastly, is also available on mobile platforms. You can get its official app on the Google Play store for Android and on Apple Store for iPhone users.

The app offers a number of notable features as well, such as allowing users to save their history, dark mode, etc. However, for apps, this Paraphraser only supports 9 languages.

Easy to useOnly a 600-word limit for the first two modes
Fast and accurateThree paid AI modes
Multiple paraphrasing modes 
Multiple language and file upload options 

Does it paraphrase better than humans?

Yes! can paraphrase better than humans. It is programmed with human intelligence and experience, which makes the quality of the paraphrased content much better than what you have done manually.

There are a number of reasons why it paraphrases better than humans. One of the main reasons is that this tool has a vast range of words. In contrast, every human has a limited range of words.

Additionally, this tool will provide rephrase content that will be error-free. On the other hand, there is a strong chance of having minor error mistakes in human paraphrasing.

According to research, a human makes 3-5 errors hours per hour and 50 errors per day (or per shift/work).

Lastly, paraphrasing manually will require a lot of time and effort, but when utilizing this tool will users get the job done in a matter of minutes (time may vary depending on the overall length of input content).

Final Word

In conclusion, is a decent paraphrasing tool that can rephrase much better than humans. This tool advanced AI algorithms in order to understand the both language and context of the input content. This further results in improved content quality.

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