Windows and Mac are the most commonly used operating systems. They are both stable and they come with outstanding support and they are standard. However, there may come a time when Windows or Mac is not enough or you will no longer be interested in them. This is why it is necessary to know about other available operating systems.

Other operating systems apart from Mac and Windows
1. FreeBSD

This is an open source OS of BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution). Its code is found in most places for example Sony’s PS4 OS and Apple’s MacOS.

This OS is suitable for desktops and servers. It never comes with the desktop environment by default but there is Xfce, KDE, GNOME desktops support.

FreeBSD is the best OS for users with privacy and security concerns. It provides enhancements created by TrustedBSD project that is backed by Apple, Google, Mcfee, DARPA and Cambridge Computer Laboratory University.

2. Linux Mint

This is a free Linux-based OS.  It is based on Ubuntu and Debian and its most recent version is 18 Sarah which came out in June 2016. It is a bit difficult to install but users may try a virtual box to test.

Linux Mint has so many features and an intuitive user interface. It is the best OS to choose if you want a user interface that is similar to that of Windows. It has a taskbar, good windowing and many more features. You can install lottoland app and enjoy many other online games just like in Windows.

Mint also comes with open-source apps, multimedia support and performance enhancements. From a technical point of view, it provides great customization and configurability.

What Other Operating Systems Are There Besides Windows or Mac? 1

3. Ubuntu

This is a free operating system which is also referred to as Linux Ubuntu. It was created by Canonical Inc and it is Linux-based. This operating system is available for severs and Smartphones but it is a popular alternative to Microsoft. Its most recent version is 16.04 Xenial Xerus and some machines are shipped with it by default. Since it is Linux-based, its features and looks differ greatly from Microsoft.

Ubuntu is a general-purpose OS just like Windows; it is powered by Unity Interface, it contains tabs, windows and a sidebar for navigation. Each of its installation contains several apps. They include Mozilla, LibreOffice, Firefox and others. It is compatible with most services and users can download many apps from GNOME software store. Apps such as Dropbox, Chrome, Skype and Teamviewer can easily be installed on Ubuntu. And apart from all that, it is the simplest Linux-based operating system.

What Other Operating Systems Are There Besides Windows or Mac? 2

4. Fedora

This is also a Linux-based OS that can be used for professional purposes. It has many features and well crafted visuals. It is the best Linux-based workstation for most professions. It comes with Nautilus, GNOME, LibreOffice and others.


Those are the other operating systems apart from Windows and Mac. All of them are free and can support dual boot.

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