Information and communication technologies (ICTs) used in schools, namely broadband Internet access and computers prove that technology has a significant impact on education. With fast, reliable and enough broadband teachers and students can access online content, have interactive learning tools and educational resources that boost learning experience. The cloud has even become a significant platform where schools use it for file management, data storage, backup and curriculum hosting. However poor internet connectivity can hinder the progress of a student’s online Master in business administration online program.

Here a variety of ways online networking problems can hinder your education.

Time management

Online courses are preferred by individuals who have limited time allocated to study in a day especially those who need to balance work and studying. Poor internet connection makes it difficult to access required information within the time frame they have. This means that the duration dedicated to cover a specific topic will take longer than planned. Hence can affect the set scheduled program.

Stress due to streaming delays

The slow internet can lead to frustration and anxiety which can have a negative impact on your health. When studying online programs such as business management degree, you learn concepts that need the dedication to grasp. Trying to understand these complex topics can become frustrating. This true when you experience difficulties in streaming the course at the same time. The stress experienced becomes exponential and can lead to health issues.

Group interactions

Studying involves interaction with your peers in discussions and debates. These interactions foster relations and impact knowledge that cannot be gained in class. For online studying, these interactions are experienced via online video group channels where everyone airs their opinion and discuss the issue at hand. Poor network connection and frequent buffering can lock you out of critical discussions.

Playing catch up

Online study involves being in a class that constitutes people from different parts of the world with varying styles of learning and abilities. Once the class commences, the course outline follows along as set by the professor. Most students opt for online courses because of the ease it provides. This is true when one needs to balance work, family, social life, and studies. If you have a weak internet connection and you fail to be at the same level with the rest of the class, you will fall behind in your studies.

Late submission of assignments

Slow or weak internet connection can affect your performance in exams. When answering the questions set by the examiner or forwarding the completed assignments, delayed delivery can cause your presentation to be rejected due to untimely delivery. A stable connection will ensure that you beat the deadline without difficulties.

How to fix internet problems

The increase in demand for online courses has brought a dependence on the internet. This dependency has resulted in an enhanced flow of digital traffic and more usage of the bandwidth. Having a stable internet connection at all times involves your computer connecting to a reliable server with high speed.

Moving your router to a central location and closing any unused tabs helps reduce internet problems. The opened pages refresh themselves every couple of minutes or seconds and use up your bandwidth. Finally, prioritize your tasks, remove unwanted add-ons, plugins, and extensions that can slow down the internet speed.

Online study makes it possible to earn an internationally recognized course such as business management degree without incurring the high cost of moving to a different country or the need to physically attend a classroom. Online programs help working individuals to work, gain the necessary knowledge and improve their skills. However, a stable internet connection is the critical component in making all these possible.

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