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Bonuses and Rewards Available Online

One way the online casinos and sportsbooks have the upper leg on their physical counterparts is bonuses. Users joining an online sportsbook and casinos will find a wide selection of bonus types – perfect for everyone from new users just joining the site to established customers being rewarded for their loyalty.

Smartphone Tech Makes Gaming and Betting a Breeze

With everything you want from a casino and sportsbooks available on your smartphone, it makes sense why people choose online or the physical experience. Betting on your phone allows you to jump in and out of the action at any time – and is especially advantageous for those who like live sports betting.

No Need to Travel

This one kind of fits with the smartphone’s point, but it is different enough we still wanted to include it on the list. Some of us may miss travel more than others – but I think everyone would agree, driving or flying somewhere (Las Vegas) to place a bet on who is going to win the Super Bowl is tedious. If you want the rest of the Las Vegas experience (the shows, the food, all that jazz), going there for a weekend is fine. But if you just want to place a few bets and watch the game, or relax and play some slots after work, it is not realistic and part of the reason why people are making the switch to casino and sports betting websites.

Healthy Competition

Unlike small towns with one or two options or regions with a single sportsbook taking all the bets, online casinos and sportsbooks are chalked full of competition. Competition is excellent for bettors, as it requires these websites to work harder and offer a better experience. Of course, with so many options, some are undesirable (bad reputations, mediocre options) so make sure you do your research before you pick an online sportsbook and casino.

Online Casinos and Sportsbooks: Why They are More Popular than Their Physical Counterparts 1

Plenty of Selection

The biggest and best online sportsbooks and casinos now rival what is available at the most prominent casinos and sportsbooks in the world. The selection – whether its hundreds of colourful and fun slots or dozens of prop betting markets on baseball and football games – means making the switch from physical to online gambling no longer feels like you are missing out.

Online sportsbooks are better at adapting to the upcoming trends and demands of sports bettors. They were the first places to find odds on eSports. The first spots where you could live bet on sports. They continue to grow to meet the growing demands of preferences of bettors from all over the world.

They Make Betting on Sports Fun

Betting on sports should always be treated as entertainment and not a legitimate and consistent way to make money. Online sportsbooks know this and make their betting service accessible and fun for everyone. They allow bettors to place small wagers (lower than a dollar on some sites). They also allow bettors to set limits and exclude themselves if they find the fun of sports betting and playing casino games is starting to become something other than fun. This is much different than the days when people would spend countless hours on a casino floor either playing until they won something or ran out of money (and may no longer be allowed on the premises).

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