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Mimecast Outlook Client 5.4.1263.13520 Released 1Mimecast have now released version 5.4.1263.13520 of their Outlook Client.

This version of the MSO client now supports the following:

  • Support for the new Australian grid
  • Fixes from previous releases
  • Fixed an issue when replying to a message where the address was formatted as “”Smith, Sarah’ (ssmith@domain.com)'”.
  • Fixed an issue where Archive Folders other than those of the primary mailbox were displayed.
We have tested this version with Outlook being open during the install and although we do not recommend doing this, it does seem to work so long as you restart Outlook at some point to enable the new version to load.

To push this out using SCCM or Group Policy, we recommend using the MSI command below:

msiexec.exe /i “MSOInstall.msi” /qb /norestart

What this will do is to firstly run the installer, then the /qb will show a basic user interface without user interaction, but will stop and show the error if, for example, Outlook is still open. The /norestart is fairly simple – this will ensure that your client machine does not automatically restart itself.

To download the latest version 5.4.1263.13520 of the MSO client, you can click the link below:


Mimecast Outlook Client 5.4.1263.13520 Released 2


If you have any comments on this new release, please use our comments system below.

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