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For your website to succeed, it needs to be found on search engines. From the very beginning, you need to keep SEO in mind so that you don’t up with a site that’s completely invisible. Consider these tips to help you start on the right track and hopefully end up on the front page of Google.

Pick The Right Domain Name

Your domain name is your site identity, so it pays to put a lot of thought into it. Make sure that it’s something easy to remember and clearly relates to what your site will be about. For example, if your sites about cameras, then “camera-guru.com” might be a good choice because of its simplicity and relevance.

The problem you might encounter is that the domain name you’re interested in (and its variations) may already be taken. This issue can be demoralizing but don’t worry as you can buy a taken domain name. Of course, this all depends if the owner is willing to sell.

You may also want to pick a domain name that has scope and is scalable. If you chose “nikon-mirrorless-cameras” as a domain name, then you are limiting your website to only be about one brand and type of camera. This is another reason why “camera-guru.com” is a good option. It’s broad enough to encompass any camera.

Remember That Content Is King

To rank on search engines, you need relevant content that will attract readers. Remember, everyone is simply typing keywords into search engines and seeing what comes up.

The best way to develop content is to write interesting articles based on keywords that will bring a reader to your site. Let’s go back to the camera site example. Potential site visitors are likely typing in the names of the latest cameras into Google. If you want them to end up on your site, then you’re going to need articles about these products.

According to my friend with a link building agency, don’t just limit yourself to written text. High-quality images and videos are also fantastic.

If you struggle to write, even if a gun was put to your head, then you may want to outsource this task. The web is overflowing with freelance writers, some good, some terrible. It’s important to find one that is skilled, reliable, and affordable.

Be Careful With Links

Imagine websites as main roads and links as the streets that connect these roads. You will notice that spammy sites often link to other spammy sites. You will also notice that the top-ranked pages on Google typically link to authoritative sources. Therefore it’s clear what you need to do: link to respectable websites.

If Necessary, Hire An Expert

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Consider hiring an SEO professional to help you out in the early stages. Doing so may give you that extra boost.

Final Thoughts

Developing a successful website requires a lot of luck as well as a lot of attention to detail. You will want to focus on SEO from the very beginning so that you can develop pages that index on search engines. You don’t want to end up on the 11th page of Google where you will never be noticed.

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