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As 2022 goes on, the key gaming and gambling trends online become more and more visible and start really shaping the players’ reality and also the future of the niche. While businesses and companies are already more or less aware of their perspectives in the near and more distant future, the players may feel a little bit lost in this constantly changing world that alters the rules of the game while all they want is to relax and play.

Such high-quality platforms like the Yukon Casino and many video games platforms are already implementing the changes brought by those new trends, so being aware of the long-term perspectives is important for all players.

While decent businesses always try to get feedback from the players and make sure they fix the bugs and meet the current needs, the overwhelming majority of decisions about a video gaming platform or a casino site are taken based on the market changes, legal regulations, and trends.

Eventually, a business is a business, and if the platform stops being competitive compared to other sites in the niche, in any aspect, it stops working. Therefore, players have to be aware of what’s going on in the industry, at least in general terms, to see which way the cat jumps.

Trends will directly shape their user experience, for the better or worse, and the players may want to know where their money goes, and what they can expect to get in return. The key trends today are:

  • customization,
  • crypto payments,
  • smaller studios.
Key Online Gaming & Gambling Trends in 2022 1


Customization is a huge trend in both gaming and gambling sub-niches because the research shows that the more customized the game is, the more enjoyable it becomes for the player. The player is more willing to pay for it and plays it longer and more often. Customization can be in various things, from various service packages for different levels of payment to visuals in design, sounds, and even functions and features. This way, players can make the game as convenient and comfortable for them as possible. Customization is a great trend that is going to stay.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Crypto becomes more acceptable, more legit, and more regulated in different jurisdictions, and it still keeps its main advantages, such as transparency and anonymity of the payments, fast and protected transactions, trackable and irreversible transactions, etc. Many experts suggest that with time, some sub-niches like online casinos will completely replace fiat currency payments with crypto. So, this trend is the one to keep in mind.

Small Studios

Giant studios obviously have the experience and resources, but they often feel that they start lacking the boldness and the innovative approach that smaller but more flexible studios have. This is why in the near future, small studios will be offered to develop software products for big ones in exchange for licensing, marketing, and technologies.

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