Everyone has access to a telephone in today’s times. Phone directories are a culture that have been retained and maintained from the past to know someone’s number. Mostly, people offer their landline numbers for the Directories.

As times have become more digital, directories have become digital too. Thus, virtual phone directories have become immensely popular for searching someone’s phone number. But, aren’t we more concerned about the people who call us and we don’t recognize their number?

Difference between Regular and Reverse Phone Directories

You might find a lot of nomenclature like regular directories and reverse phone directories. If you don’t know what they mean or what they are, it can be confusing for you. This is why the below mentioned distinction between the two kinds of directories will help you:

Regular Directories

Getting someone’s number through their name is what normal or regular phone directories do. It’s simple, you just type someone’s name and get all their contact details. CocoFinder has proven to be a great regular directory as it can tell you someone’s number the moment you type their names.

How to Differentiate between Regular and Reverse Phone Directories? 1

Speaking of regular directories, a lot of people in the world, State or even the same city can have the same names. Therefore, the struggle arises when you need to know which is the number you are looking for. Well, the good news with CocoFinder is that it has a search result accompanied by pictures, like social media searches.

Thus, you can identify someone immediately and look out for their contact information. As a regular directory, CocoFinder offers great insight into someone with just the name. 

Reverse Phone Directories

You want to know someone’s number and you have their name, this is when you use a regular directory. You have someone’s number and you want to know their name, this is when you use the reverse phone directory.

You can use CocoFinder to find a name for a cell phone number almost immediately. Oftentimes, we get calls from the numbers we can’t recognize or numbers that are not saved on our phone. Now, all these calls are not well meaning calls. 

Studies have proven that phone scamming has indeed become the most popular mode of scamming people. So, if you get a call from the IRS or a person in need of severe help, what do you do? You believe them? No. 

In circumstances where you have extreme doubt about the legitimacy of the caller, you can always look their name up on CocoFinder. This is a web based search function and does not require you to download any sort of application or install any function or feature. 

How to Differentiate between Regular and Reverse Phone Directories? 2

Why use a reverse phone directory?

Unfortunately, we do not live in a world full of honest and well meaning people. There can be times when out of suspicion or sheer curiosity, you must know who the caller is. More so, it has become important to know what you are getting into or speaking with.

There are number of occasions when you must use reverse phone directory to know who is calling you:

When you are facing harassment

People often face harassment or blackmailing calls from unlisted and even private numbers. The person behind such malicious calls always tries to restrict or contain their identity so as to never get caught.

However, for the benefit of your own interest, you can run a reverse phone search on CocoFinder. Within a few seconds itself, you can attain all details about the person harassing. Further, you can even check the criminal history of such an individual.


Getting repeated calls from a number you do not recognize, can also get you suspicious. Why stay in suspense when you can cure your suspicion almost immediately. Just type the number on the reverse phone directory of CocoFinder. Almost immediately, you will know the complete records of the person.

Doubtful about someone

If you are doubtful about someone you just met, you can check them up basis their phone number. You can get a lot of information about the person. The information can range from just basic details about someone to even criminal offences committed by them. 

Prevention of a Fraud

Many people are not aware of how their phone number can be misused by scammers. The scams pertaining to phone numbers have increased overtime. The scammers these days are too smart. They try to prevent any detection and try to make their story seem too believable.

A lot of people have fallen prey to lottery scams, fake IRS threats over the phone, new schemes and false banking information.  So, if you ever get a call that seems unlikely or doubtful, it’s always better to check upon them. 

Which is the most preferred Directory

A lot of people can have the same name, and this turns out to be a struggle with regular directories. However, CocoFinder still makes the search easier as it allows users to input more data. In addition to just the name of the person, you can also add other vague information like:

  • City, location or address 
  • Email ID 
  • Phone number

Regular phone directory of CocoFinder brings more accurate results when the data is more concrete. However, even with vague information, the possibility of attaining the contact details is more than any other alternative.

The reverse phone directory of CocoFinder is also the most preferred one. It brings information about a person holistically. You can witness first hand all vital details of a person’s life. 


CocoFinder has battled all competition in the relevant field and turned out to be a leader of the pack. When it comes to absolute reliability of data, you cannot trust any other alternative but CocoFinder. 

When you use CocoFinder to find a name for a cell phone number, you find more than a name. You can manage to extract all relevant data of an individual from their personal to professional life. Whichever directory you prefer, CocoFinder will provide 100% accuracy of data.

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