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Facebook receives 8 billion video views every day, and their research shows that individuals engage five times longer with video content than they do with static content. In addition, 30 per cent of mobile customers state that video is the best means to discover new products. Using facebook video ads can thus be a great medium for marketers to reach out to their existing as well as potential customers.

What Are Facebook Video Ads?

Facebook video advertisements are fundamentally the same as normal advertisements. Basically, with a Facebook Video Ad, you’re able to showcase a video, utilizing a number of targeting options that Facebook is known to use. Facebook users love content that is engaging, and statistics show that. It is estimated that mobile video will represent 75% of mobile traffic in 2020. 

Rather than working on a blurb of text or uploading a picture, you can either make a video in-house, work with a videographer to make yourself a professional video, or utilize an easy video maker. From that point, you’ll have the option to alter the video description, thumbnail, budget, and audience you serve the ad to.

What Are Video Ads Best For?

Video advertisements are incredible for campaigns with a strong emotional component, regardless of whether it’s for making someone giggle or to tug at their heartstrings. Facebook research discovered that users associate watching mobile video on Facebook with “feeling happy.” 

Show off your product, service or brand – You can convey video promotions to platforms, such as Facebook Feed, Instagram Stories or Messenger Inbox. Video promotions support different aspect ratios, depending on where the ad is going to be placed. 

Catch attention rapidly – Make videos that are 15 seconds or less to engage your audience to a brand or a business story. Videos that are longer tend to lose the attention of the viewer. 

Convey a solitary message – Pass on an unmistakable, basic message that makes viewers make subsequent action after viewing your advertisement, for example, purchasing a particular item or visiting the website.

Facebook Video Ads Specifications

  • Minimum video length should be 1 sec
  • Maximum video length is 240 minutes
  • The maximum video file size is 4 GB
  • Minimum dimensions are 600×315 (Landscape) or 600×600 (Square)
  • According to Facebook’s 80-20 rule, thumbnails should not contain more than 20% text
  • Facebook recommends using file formats such as MP4 or MOV
  • It is optional, but Facebook highly recommends using video captions and having audio in your videos

Best Practices For Video Ads

These are some of the guidelines that marketers must follow to get the best return on their investment while curating video advertisements –

  • Upload high-quality video for the best outcomes
  • Upload your video without letterboxing (dark bars to change the shape of the video)
  • Add engaging captions to enhance the effectiveness of the video for ones who are going to view it without sound
  • Ensure your video thumbnail doesn’t contain a lot of text. Thumbnails with 20% or more text may see diminished reach.
  • Try not to make very long videos since shorter videos have higher completion rates
  • Support your “Call To Action” using the link description field
  • Use captivating thumbnail images and titles that will attract attention
  • Catch attention quickly. If you hold the attention of the viewer past the initial three seconds, 65% of viewers will watch for at least an additional 10 seconds
  • Make your videos available with subtitles. Subtitles have additionally been shown to increase the video watch time.

Choosing An Appropriate Video Template

An online video maker called InVideo helps you to create compelling Facebook video ads in order to promote your business. They have a simple drag and drop user interface, which is friendly for even beginners to understand. This simple and powerful tool lets you create creative videos needed for your advertising campaign. 

There is no need to download any special software or to hire a designer, with InVideo you can do all this right within your browser. Boost your business with captivating videos made within minutes. They have a collection of hundreds of templates as well as tools that enable you to swiftly produce high-quality video content.

You can find a variety of templates using the search box by using specific keywords or browsing through categories. All you have to do is to pick your favourite template and an appropriate font style to accompany it with. 

You don’t require any prior experience in designing or video making, as the platform is very intuitive and making video content has been made easier than ever.

InVideo gives you the creative freedom to make your advertisement stand out from the competition through several customization options. Make changes to text, background, images, colour schemes and audio at the click of a button.

Steps To Make A Video Using InVideo

  • The initial step is to register on the website by providing the relevant details.
  • After registering, select the customizable template of your preference and select the aspect ratio (Wide, Vertical or Square)
  • You can now edit, add, subtract photos, logos and music on this online video maker to personalize your Facebook ad.
  • When you’re done, preview and publish the video on Facebook.

Customize Your Facebook Video To Perfection

  1. Change the images: Upload your own or received images or choose from InVideo’s stock library, which has hundreds of options.
  2. Change the fonts: You can choose various font styles and sizes to give your Facebook video advertisement a truly personalized touch.
  3. Change the background: You have the option to choose a background from their vast library or to use your existing images.
  4. Change the colours: You have immense creative freedom to change the colour of your text boxes as well as plain text to add that extra flair to your advertisement.
  5. Change the audio: You have the option to select the appropriate audio that will accompany your video from a plethora of choices offered in InVideo’s wide library.


They have various templates that will enable you to create a compelling call to action which can help you to promote a product, sell products, drive product discovery, showcase product benefits, drive traffic to your website, sales ads as well as to boost brand awareness.

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