How to buy Microsoft Office

If you are wondering how to buy Microsoft Office at the best price, we are here to help you.

Microsoft Office is an excellent productivity suite, a very popular one indeed, that has been used for decades by an insane number of PC and Mac users.

Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and more… all these tools gained more and more popularity, to the point they set a standard for workflows and documentation all around the world.

Another thing well known when it comes to buying a copy of Microsoft Office is the price. Bulky boxes for bulky prices, several hundred are needed to get a genuine Microsoft Office suite, and although the digital delivery totally replaced most of the retail world, prices are still high for a digital license from the official Microsoft Store.

But, is this the only option out there? Can’t you buy your next genuine Microsoft Office license for a cheaper price? Of course, you can, and here’s how!

If you already found your Microsoft Office Product Key, you can learn How to activate Microsoft Office. Otherwise, we have a good piece of advice for you, keep on reading.

Before we start – Why you should visit Mr Key Shop for your next Office License

We always recommend you to use a 100% genuine software license for your Microsoft Office Installation. Microsoft Store may be expensive, but there are some good alternatives, like Mr Key Shop, a reliable, professional webstore from Italy, that offers digital licenses at very competitive price points.

How to buy Microsoft Office at the best price
How to buy Microsoft Office at the best price 5

We have already covered Mr Key Shop in our in-depth analysis Going digital – The Mr Key Shop model and we are now mentioning them because they are reliable and have incredible offers.

You can buy the latest Microsoft Office 2021 and Office 2019 editions. However, in case you’ve got an older or less performing machine, you can purchase previous editions, up to Office 2010, as well as Office for Mac. You will be saving up to 70%, with secure payments and instant email delivery. Furthermore, if you need you can get in touch with their specialized, English-speaking Customer Support Service for free, a unique value in this market. You can verify this is a reliable service by reading their many positive, verified reviews. On the website, you can also buy licenses for many other Office suites, Windows OSs, and the best Antivirus brands for any device, PC, Smartphone, and Tablet.

Furthermore, Mr Key Shop’s encompassing catalogue also includes the latest Microsoft Windows 11 Operating System, which is particularly suited to run and get the most out of Office 2021.

Microsoft Office and Digital Delivery – How to benefit from this new channel

As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft Store offers tons of different programs, like Windows OSs and of course Microsoft Office Suites. The problem is the pricing. You’ll have to spend a LOT of money to secure a license, no matter which edition you need for your next Office Installation.

Sure, you can have a 30-day free trial for Microsoft 365, but then you’ll have to pay an expensive fee, which becomes way too expensive in the long run, especially if you’re not a big company or you plan to intensively use it for your job and, therefore, consider it as a business asset.

Fortunately, Microsoft Store is not the only legit source of licenses, as we mentioned earlier. You can purchase a refurbished license namely a digital product key, from third-party sellers, most of the time at a fraction of the original tag asked by Microsoft. And, even better, buying and selling these licenses 100% legit, as deemed by the European Court of Justice as of July 3, 2012, (c-128/11).

How to buy Microsoft Office 2021
How to buy Microsoft Office at the best price 6

Is any third-party reseller as good as it seems?

If you do a simple search on the web, you’ll notice a lot of third-party resellers, both on eBay and Amazon, as well as on independent websites, selling digital software licenses at very low prices.

The issue is: when something is too good to be true, it probably is. There is a large, gray area, where you may find lots of software for ridiculously, unreal prices. However, these “bargains” mostly come from the so-called grey market, where products may be counterfeit or purchased by using stolen/forged credit cards.

The risks are concrete: you may lose your license and your money. You may incur malicious websites, you can even get your personal data stolen.

This is the reason why you always have to check reviews, feedback, and any possible signal for a scam.

Or, you can just rely on legit, professional, and authorized stores like Mr Key Shop. They offer good price points, free Customer support in English, a full money-back warranty, and, most importantly secure payment methods.

You’ll save some bucks, and can be confident you’re dealing with a professional service that will assist you with any issue/question/doubt that may arise. And the very good rating on TrustPilot is the best source of proof of their reliability.

If you are a Mac user and want to get the most out of Office without paying an expensive fee, learn how to Buy and Download Office for Mac Without an Office 365 Subscription.

How to buy Microsoft Office for Mac
How to buy Microsoft Office at the best price 7

What are the steps to have a flawless shopping experience on Mr Key Shop?

We always recommend checking your computer against the system requirements for the product you wish to buy.

If you have an outdated PC, you can purchase an older version of Microsoft Office, like Office 2013, which is still an excellent edition.

If your PC is performing well, and you’re on Windows 10 (or you plan to upgrade to Win10, in that case, do check Mr Key Shop’s Operating System Catalog for very good deals), Office 2019 is the go-to choice. A modern, performing, and enhanced suite that will help you boost your productivity, with multi-device capabilities and cloud sync.

Find your best option, proceed with your secure checkout (you can use PayPal as a payment method, which is 100% safe and reliable), and then wait no longer than 30 seconds, and you’ll get all you need to download, install, and activate Microsoft Office directly in your inbox (which is also good for the environment).

This is the best way to get your Office suite without breaking the bank (and the law), getting it up and running within a few minutes. A smart move indeed!

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