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Have you ever been at this point in a game where you’ve piled up so much in-game currency you started to wonder how cool it would be to somehow make this video game money real? Usually, players pay for games and do not get any money in return, but what if you actually could monetize your in-game earnings? This is now possible thanks to the development of different game monetization methods and electronic payment systems that allow you to turn your in-game cash into real money.

A small disclaimer here: you can’t monetize any game, it’s not like you have billions of bucks in GTA 5 and turn it into actual cash. Unfortunately, that’s not how it all works. But don’t get too disappointed just yet — you can still make some serious cash playing games online. That’s why we are here!

Is It Possible to Monetize Your Gaming and iGaming Experience?

Basically, monetization is turning your in-game earnings into real-life money. The first-ever example of monetization I saw in my life was when one of my friends sold a rare and really powerful sword in certain famous MMORPG to another guy for real money. That was mindblowing, and since then, I too tried to somehow monetize my gaming progress by selling rare in-game items to people for real money. This was the most primitive and probably the oldest way to make or win money playing game. Nowadays, though, there are other methods to make a living by playing online.

You can actually find games that are designed in such a way as to allow the players to withdraw real cash. Usually, these are paysafe card online casino games, and if you are ready to take some risk, this might just be your best opportunity to play game win real money and have tons of fun. Simple as that, you get the opportunity to monetize the time you spend on online entertainment.

What Are the Best Games to Make Money Online?

Clearly, if you want to play game online for real money, your best choice would be online gambling. This is the bread and butter of monetization, and there’s literally no better way to make money playing online. When you play live online casino real money, it is only a matter of time until you start to make some money. Of course, these kinds of entertainment require some skill and some luck, but if you have both, you’ll be withdrawing money out of these casino games on a daily basis.

The other option is selling in-game items or loot-boxes in an old-school way. Let’s say you are playing a popular MMORPG game, and you come across some rare and valuable items, so now you have two options: either you use those items yourself or you sell them. Finding a buyer is simple if you use community forums or an in-game chat.

How Can I Withdraw My Money?

So, you’ve decided to play game for real money, and now you wonder what the possible ways for you to withdraw your cash are. Basically, you can use any online payment system like PayPal, Skill, Neteller, or your credit card. Nothing too complicated here, but you’ve got to take some advantages and disadvantages of different payment systems into account. For instance, some of those systems take some fee for each transaction, some of them are fast, some of them are slow, and some of them might not even be available in your country. That’s why you’ve got to pay attention to those little aspects and use only those systems that fit your goals best.

Use your online wallet or credit card to receive or send money to anywhere you need. This is the best way to participate in e-commerce.

Is It Even Legal?

Yes, online e-commerce is totally legal. This is the same as selling something in real life. The difference is that you need to be extra cautious as there are so many more ways in which you can get scammed by dishonest dealers. When you play online casino games, always pay attention to the licensing information, make sure this is a legal and totally secure place to play at. This does not only make your experience better but it also eliminates the possibility of getting scammed. The same thing goes when you sell some in-game items — make sure you receive money before you transfer the items to your buyer. Safety must always be your first concern, so try to avoid fraud.

Summing It All Up As you see, monetizing your gaming progress is possible, especially when it comes to online gambling. Though you can monetize almost any kind of online game progress in case you find a buyer. This is an easy way to make some extra cash while having lots and lots of fun in your favorite online entertainment. So, if you have an opportunity to sell out some of your items from online games — why not use it? Or why not play online casino games and make some extra cash there too? This is a convenient way of making money and killing some time playing games you know and love online.

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