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It is no surprise that smartphone use has been steadily growing for the past decade. In fact, mobile devices have not only become more accessible and user-friendly, but they have also incorporated more features and become more multifaceted. Such vital improvements have only been made possible by crucial technological advancements, including significant upgrades in smartphone computing power and more reliable internet connections.

Among the many recent improvements in the smartphone industry is widescale game optimization, which has allowed smartphones and other mobile devices to run a large variety of complex and immersive games and effectively take mobile gaming and iGaming to a new level.

Game Optimization

In recent years, video games have stepped beyond consoles and a new era of mobile gaming has changed the very fabric of the video game industry. However, this was only made possible by game optimization and adaptation, which saw many desktop and console-based games become available in app stores. This was achieved through a comprehensive improvement in mobile gameplay, interface, graphics and overall playability.

How Game Optimization Fuelled the Mobile and iGaming Industry 1

As a result, this has led to significant growth in particular segments of the gaming industry. For instance, battle royale and strategy games have successfully transitioned and prospered in the smartphone medium. Simultaneously, the iGaming industry fully adapted to mobile gaming, with casino platforms such as spawning their own casino apps, where players can access the same content as in their desktop version. But that’s not all, apps have even incorporated more complex games, including live casino games, in which players can get to watch real-life dealers dealing cards on live streams. This type of adaptation has allowed players to access some of the most innovative and advanced gambling games using their smartphones.

Similarly, many video game developers have begun releasing exclusive game versions for smartphones and other mobile devices. In addition, there are even cases in which games previously released for consoles or PCs have only actually gone on to become even more popular due to their mobile versions. This was the case with PUBG: Battleground which was first released in 2017 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and became the best-selling video game on both these formats. However, the game’s smartphone version, PUBG Mobile, managed to go beyond that and in 2021 surpassed 1 billion downloads and grossed over $7 billion, making it the fourth highest-grossing mobile game ever as reported by Other popular adaptations also include Call of Duty: Mobile and Fortnite and plenty of video game franchises including the Asphalt series, Pokémon and Super Mario.

How Game Optimization Fuelled the Mobile and iGaming Industry 2

Mobile Gaming Landscape

On a wider scale, the impact of game optimization has been felt across the gaming industry. Currently, it is estimated that there are roughly 2,6 billion mobile gaming users worldwide and in 2018 mobile games surpassed the annual revenues of console games for the first time. In addition, mobile games have also changed the way users perceive, access and relate to games. As a result, this has led to many new gaming genres rising in popularity and even the development of niche categories.

For instance, as detailed at, the most played gaming genre in the US in 2021 was puzzle games, a type of game designed to attract casual gamers. In second place came casino games, which have drastically risen in popularity in recent years. While these changes were taking place, large sectors in the technology industry have also focused on mobile gaming, with smartphone manufacturers developing gaming phones, new mobile-friendly VR headsets, gaming controllers adapted for smartphones and, of course, creating more immersive games that can actually compete with consoles and PCs.

For now, it is not expected that mobile gaming will completely take over the gaming industry, but its dominance is already a reality. While game optimization and adaption were a crucial step for the rise of mobile gaming, in 2022 many mobile games are already spawning their own desktop versions, which only proves how relevant this new type of gaming has become.

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