High ROI Technologies to Use in Your Next Brand Activation Campaign

Brand activation campaigns rely on one element more than any other: getting people’s attention. Unless you can convince audiences to give you their time and attention, your activation isn’t going to get the response it needs to deliver a return on your investment.

There are all kinds of environments you can choose to host a brand activation: concerts, event venues, festivals, trade shows, conferences, busy public places, and more. As a general rule, they all have one thing in common, and it’s that there’s a lot going on. Big events draw big crowds, and that’s where brands have the opportunity to attract an audience and maximize their draw.

New technology is one of the best ways brands can stand out in a crowd. Whether you’re aiming to differentiate yourself at a trade show or you’re competing with the main event (like live sports or a concert) for attention, these technologies can help you meet your objectives and generate genuine interest in your brand.

Augmented Reality Immersive Technology Attractions

Augmented reality has become one of the leading technologies for creating truly immersive experiences. The growth in AR has been fueled by the rise of online shopping. Over 20% of retail purchases take place online, with forecasts for global growth continuing in the next few years. Brands are embracing the shift to online retail, but they’re also investing in the in-person experience, creating a shopping experience that’s more valuable for consumers and more likely to get them to come back to the brand.

When you want audiences to pay more attention to you than their phones, augmented reality can save the day. Augmented reality can be integrated with portable digital billboards to create:

  • Immersive shopping experiences where the customers can shop virtually.
  • Try-before-you-buy experiences that use augmented reality to let customers try things on virtually, from clothes to cosmetics.
  • Production demonstrations, something now frequently leveraged by car manufacturers to demonstrate more complex features in their vehicles.

Connecting with audiences’ mobile devices to activate AR experiences can also be an effective way to drive lead generation and make sure your brand has a way to stay in touch and make the most of your new connection.

Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks bring big visual displays with touch or gesture control wherever you need them. Companies like BIG Digital have made interactive kiosk rentals easier than ever with battery-enabled kiosks that can be quickly moved and are suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. When you rent a BIG Digital interactive kiosk, it’s weather-rated and tough enough to handle vibrations and other environmental hazards that you might encounter at events like big concerts, live sports, or trade shows.

Interactivity is a better way to tell your brand’s story and engage with audiences. It draws your audience into the experience and gives them control over how they interact with your brand. How you choose to bring interactivity into your activation can make a major difference when you’re trying to differentiate yourself from the competitors and make sure that audiences remember you.

Social Media Visualization

With the right technology, brand activations can bring digital assets and social media into the physical world, leveraging both real-life experiences and the connectivity of social media to blend experiences. Social media visualization displays your social media feeds to in-person audiences and is a great way to prompt audience participation and drive people to enter social-driven contests.

If you’re looking for ways to engage audiences, increase follower numbers for your social accounts, and generate leads by social media, social media visualization combined with contests and promotions can be extremely successful. Incentivize participation by making social media engagement the requirement for contest entry, and make sure the reward will motivate participation to make your campaign a success.

Interactive Displays for Lead Generation

Brand activations are a careful balance between brand building and lead generation, but the two can work in tandem to improve the results of your campaign. How can you generate leads from an interactive display? Prompt audiences to connect for more information, contest entry, or online shopping by QR code. QR codes are quick to scan and anyone can do it in seconds with their mobile device. QR codes streamline the process of turning audiences in the physical world into online leads.

Data Insights

Whenever you run a brand activation, you need a way to measure your success. Technology that collects real-time data for live events is crucial for collecting performance metrics and making adjustments for your next campaign.

Today, you can find data collection technology integrated into other solutions like portable interactive kiosks. These can measure things like traffic, dwell time, impressions, and other anonymous data. Find out whether your activations are working!

Gamification Experiences

Gamification experiences are a tried-and-tested method for injecting your activations with an element of interactivity. One easy way to bring gamification to your activation is through portable interactive kiosks. Find a partner who can provide an off-the-shelf library of brand-able gamification experiences or custom experiences that will make your activation stand out.

Technology is the key to getting your activation noticed in a crowd. Make the most of these technologies, whatever your plan is for your next campaign.

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