We have been using Facebook for over a decade now. You must think that you know all the features of Facebook. But what if we prove you wrong?

Just like every other app, Facebook has been updated with new features a lot of times over the years. The platform offers plenty of features to users to enhance their experience. Speaking of Facebook features, some are more popular than others. In this post, we will talk about some Facebook features that we bet didn’t know.

Hidden Facebook Features

Facebook is a worldwide popular social media platform. It is not only used for socialising, but also for promoting business ads. Let’s say, you want to promote your vape business. In this case, you can make use of Facebook. The good thing is that the platform offers features for both marketing and socialising.

Message requests

On Facebook, you receive messages through the messenger app. There are high chances that you didn’t’ know about the message requests inbox. This is where the unread filtered messages go. Facebook filters the messages you get from non-friends in this inbox. You can access this message folder while accessing Facebook from your desktop. Or you can even use the messenger app to open the folder.

Who’s logged in?

Do you think that the security of your Facebook account has been compromised? Well, Facebook allows you to check the devices that are logged into your account. Not just that, but you can also see the location of the devices from where they are logged in. if you think, it’s not you, then you can choose to log-out from that device and change your password for your account’s safety. You can also select to log out of all devices for extra safety.

Restrict friends from seeing your posts

We all have that one person who we cannot block, but at the same time, don’t him/her to see our posts. If you have any such person on your Facebook list, no worries because you have the restriction option available. With the help of this feature, you can choose friends to put on the restricted list. The people you restrict cannot see your posts anymore. However, they will still be on your friend list and you can see all their posts. This feature comes in handy in many situations.

Save posts for later

You are watching an interesting video on Facebook, but you get a work call. Instead of losing the video, you can save it for later. Once you finish your work, you can resume watching the video. The video will get saved in the saved folder. You can do the same with other posts as well. When you are done watching or reading the post, you can remove it from the list of saved items.

Unless you are a Facebook geek, you wouldn’t know all these features existed. But now that you know about them, you should check them out now.

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