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WordPress is undeniably a great and powerful platform that can help your business establish a brand, reach out to potential audiences, and enhance your return on investment. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and has a great source of plugins, but it’s not that uncommon for particular errors to rise occasionally. You might think that some of the most common errors will never happen to you and that you’ll be problem-free for the rest of your WordPress experience. But it’s inevitable for errors to show and in case of an emergency, you can always contact WordPress emergency support community and get an estimate on the time frame the issue will be fixed.

Regardless of your level of expertise and knowledge in the WordPress world, eventually, errors that you don’t understand will happen. And you will need help in the matter. Do not worry, we got you covered here! If you are struggling with technical issues and need help in troubleshooting, we recommend checking this article which can help you identify important errors and get hands-on on even more important fixes. 

How To Fix Image Upload Issues?

Different root causes can interfere with the upload of images. You might be getting a file size error or WordPress HTTP error. These errors can happen unexpectedly, either due to the large size of the image file or the presence of special characters in the image name. In this case, you have to rename the image and reduce its size in any image editor.

If you get an HTTP error, the memory that runs applications on your server is low. To fix this issue, you need to access your site via FTP and open the folder that contains the WordPress files and edit the wp-config file.

Having WordPress Issues? Here is How to Troubleshoot & Find Emergency Help 1

Error Establishing a Database Connection

This error happens if your website can’t access the database. The database is where all of the content is stored and if you can’t access it, the site will not function properly. The wp-config file contains all of the information about the website’s database, so in most cases, it’s the root cause of the issue. 

To perform a fix, you’ll need to find the wp-config file, click on the “View/Edit” option and check if the credentials are correct. The username, password, hostname, and database name need to be correctly placed, and to find the exact details, you’ll need to head out to your PHPMyadmin. PHPMyadmin is an open-source and free website software package that handles database administration in a web browser.

Inability To Access The Admin Area

Getting locked out of your WordPress dashboard can be quite frustrating. It can happen if you forget your credentials, especially your password. You can always click on the “Lost your password” link and enter your email address associated with your website or the username. In other instances, you might not have access to your email address. In such cases, you can reset the password using PHPMyAdmin, but this will depend on the web setup and web host.

Having WordPress Issues? Here is How to Troubleshoot & Find Emergency Help 2

Fix Mixed Content Errors

The mixed content errors are caused by the SSL/HTTP settings and may not affect the website’s functionality, but they can certainly affect the user experience and the website’s SEO. The Secure Sockets Layer is a protocol for establishing secure links between computers and if this fails to load, the content might not display properly. Since all of the website’s resources will be loaded on an SSL-enabled site, an incorrect SSL may cause resources not to load. To fix the issue you have to find the resources that loaded insecurely and fix the URLs.

Fix 503 Unavailable Service Error 

The “service unavailable” type of error happens due to an unresponsive PHP script. It can be a WordPress theme, plugin, or custom code snippet that does not behave as it should. Additionally, the error can be triggered by a brute force attack or heavy server load. To provide a fix for this WordPress error you need to disable all of the unnecessary PHP scripts until it resolves. If deactivating the plugins was not a fix to the issue, then you can try switching to a default WordPress theme. If both methods fail to resolve the error, then you can contact your hosting company and check if the issue is on their end, or reinstall WordPress as a last resort.

Fix SSL Issues

The HTTPS/SSL enables the site to use a unique SSL certificate that will identify the site. If the certificate does not match and the server pretends to be on HTTPS, then a warning will be sent along with the user’s browser that the connection is not private. The easiest fix is to ask the WordPress hosting provider to install the SSL certificate properly.

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