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2018 has brought breakthrough technology to the world. In the annual report from the MIT Technology review, it has released the 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2018. These technologies will improve the way we live in many ways. It should be noted that some of these high-tech concepts are not all in commercial use, and some are still in developmental stages, but will all have some effect in 2018.

Metal 3D Printing

The 3D printing of plastic objects has been known for its improvements in many fields, as it has been used for creating prototypes. The process of printing with plastic has become relatively cheap and easy, and now so has the process of printing with metal. This is a great opportunity in mass-production as it will allow manufacturers to simply print any part that they need, which will speed up the process greatly.

Babel-fish earbuds

These Pixel earbuds will allow you to translate different languages in real time. The user wears the earbuds and speaks in their language, google then plays the translation to the other user. This is a great invention for travelers, international companies or online gamers. It fills a major gap in communication and makes things like online or mobile casino services a much more interactive experience.

Perfect Online Privacy

The need for increased online privacy has become more of a necessity due to the increase in the use of online currencies and banking. It was originally developed for a digital cryptocurrency known as Zcash, but by using the zk-SNARK method, users can now use the privacy technology to be anonymous, yet still secure. This is a major improvement in technology and allows users a much greater peace of mind. It can be implemented into many things, including mobile bingo brands. So, for example, it will be possible for mobile bingo brands like mFortune, to secure user’s identities and money in a much more protected environment.

AI for all

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a form of technology that only large tech corporations like Google, Microsoft and Amazon had access to. It has always been too difficult and expensive for other companies to implement AI systems. Now, AI systems are being based in a cloud system. Google has recently announced the Cloud AutoML. This is a set of pre-trained systems which will make AI simpler to use. This will create great improvements in many sectors like manufacturing, medicine and logistics, as it will allow the implementation of AI to be much cheaper and simpler to implement.

These technological breakthroughs are very useful and important in the improvement of society as a whole. These developments will also break many barriers that we have faced, such as the language barriers that are now being removed by new technology. It will create an increase in efficiency for many major companies, which saves them both time and money. It will also allow for more skilled jobs to be created and change the way in which we live. These technological improvements have many benefits and could potentially improve the economy of the world.

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