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Flexispot is a company on a mission to change office spaces worldwide from sedentary, dull environments to healthy, active workspaces. You see, we care about people and believe that by providing them with office furniture designed to promote wellness and productivity, both employer and employee will benefit.

In fact, every single ergonomic monitor, adjustable desk, exercise bike, and workstation we manufacture is created with the health of the user in mind and with a dedication to the highest quality standards in the industry. We know that every user deserves to be able to work better and live healthier than ever before.

That’s why we’ve ensured that our team of R&D professionals includes proven innovators. They’ve created products that enable you to customize your office, promote the health of your employees, and all at an incredibly affordable price.

Standing Desks

The health of typical workers suffers because daily routines don’t allow for much movement. Most people sit at standard desks every day, which doesn’t include binge-watching their favorite television shows when they get home.

However, a great deal of research notes that standing desks help prevent a wide range of health issues and boost overall productivity.  

As we noted above, our height-adjustable standing desks are just one of several pieces of furniture designed to transform your office into a healthy work environment. With that said, FlexiSpot offers three different standing desk models, which are explicitly designed to provide office workers with the option to either sit or stand. Moreover, because the desk’s height is adjustable, each can accommodate people of various heights.

Standing Desk 3-Stage Rectangle Desk Frame E7

We’re particularly proud of our 3-Stage Rectangle Desk Frame. Extremely affordable, it’s a standing desk that can fit the style and budget of many different types of offices. For example, whether you want to create a more dynamic environment in your corporate office or you simply feel the need to stop sitting all day in your office at home, the E7 is a unique, customizable desk that can easily enhance your health.

Moreover, it can simultaneously raise the bar when it comes to your work habits.

The E7’s Premium All-In-One Keypad

One of the great benefits of the E7 standing desk is the fact that you don’t have to adjust anything manually. Instead, you can set the desk to any height you choose within the 58-123cm lifting range. Its premium, all-in-one keyboard has four programmable settings that allow you to save both seated and standing preferences. Moreover, there’s a LED display, which shows the precise height of the desk. To top it off, the LED display goes into sleep mode automatically to save on power when the desk is stationary.

FlexiSpot: Bringing you an ergonomic workstation 1
FlexiSpot: Bringing you an ergonomic workstation 4

Collision Prevention

Since we designed this desk so that you can move it around and place it anywhere in your office, we also thought it would be wise to include a feature that warns you when it comes into proximity with an obstacle.

We also thought to include a safety feature for those with home offices or for those times when kids visit the office. To prevent children from getting hurt, we built-in child safety lock settings.

Desk Bikes

We mentioned that we believe in changing how people work, right? In addition to our standing desks, our desk bikes are making that happen. Employees can get all their work accomplished and get in a heart-healthy workout at the same time. FlexiSpot offers fully integrated sit-stand desk and exercise bike combos, under desk bikes, and pedal exercisers. Each has its own list of benefits, but they all are designed to promote a more healthy, physically active lifestyle.

Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro

We’d like to point out our Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro, which allows users to burn calories while getting in a day’s work all at the same time. With the ability to tilt its desktop up, down, forward, and backward, you can adjust it to the angle that’s most comfortable to you. It’s sturdy enough to hold your laptop, tablet, books, and much more.

The V9 Pro is also designed for mobility. It’s fitted with four long-lasting caster wheels. Each can swivel 360 degrees, allowing you to easily manoeuvre the bike around corners and obstacles if you need to move it from one room to another.

FlexiSpot: Bringing you an ergonomic workstation 2
FlexiSpot: Bringing you an ergonomic workstation 5

Brand Day Is Coming Up!

Now, there’s a reason we wanted to let you know about our company and our health and productivity-boosting products. You see, FlexiSpot’s Brand Day is coming up on May 25th, 2021 and to celebrate, we’re offering a 7-day deals up to 32% OFF for some selected products.

However, we decided that’s not enough. We needed to do something super exciting, so we agreed that EVERY other product on our site will be available at a 15% discount from May 24th to May 30th!

Listen, your wellbeing, health, and productivity are why we’re in business. We’ve designed work and life-changing products for companies of all sizes, from one-man-bands to Fortune 100 firms. We’ve helped them revitalize their environments. Celebrate FlexiSpot’s day with us and allow us to help you too!

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