Slideshows are an interesting way to present something creatively. The integration of photos or videos is an excellent way of storytelling. It generates interest amongst the audience. Putting together a video or a picture slideshow brings out a compelling story, but some basic mistakes can ruin all the effort. 

At times, people make inevitable mistakes that make the slideshow less attractive. These mistakes can shift the focus from the actual content. These simple mistakes can be avoided to make slideshow meaningful and engaging. Here, we will discuss some common mistakes and how they can be avoided.

  1. Slideshows without Intro and Outros

The inclusion of intros and outros is a strong base for a slideshow. The intros are introduction or visual content that marks the beginning of a video and gives an idea about what the slideshow is all about. The outro is a conclusion marking the end and helps in wrapping up a slideshow. 

Avoiding the intros and outros in the slideshow maker makes the story or content slightly wobbly. The purpose of the slideshow is defeated if there is no proper introduction and conclusion. It is essential to make the intros and outros visually attractive and interesting. 

  1. Incorporation of Excess Text 

The use of excess text in the slide cramps up the content and makes it less attractive. Adding too much text is a simple mistake most people make but can be easily avoided. The slides must contain only the title along with points that should be verbally explained. Too much detailed explanation and text makes the slide less effective. 

The slideshow should be used to convey information in a visual form. It should include more representation videos or photos rather than covering the space with text. Use more graphics to mask the text and make the slideshow more engaging and creative. 

  1. Cramping up a Slide with Lot of Information

It is essential to balance the amount of information that goes into a slide. Too much information can overwhelm the viewers as there is no focus on a single information. At times, to keep the slideshow short, many people use excess information for a single slide. This will leave the audience confused. Hence, crisp and concise information must be used. 

An ideal slide should have balanced and crisp information to engage more viewers. When it comes to video slideshows, the use of an excess of visuals without proper narrative or explanation chases the viewers away. There is a possibility that the viewer watching the video leaves midway. 

  1. Use of too much of Animation or Effect

The use of animated transition or effect makes the video or photo slideshow interesting. However, excess animation and effect can be a big turn off. Many new slideshow creators are experimental with the content and end up using a lot of effects. This makes the slideshow flashy, tacky and distracts the viewers. Too many animated transitions ruin the content presentation. 

The liberal use of animation should be avoided. The invitation maker, for example, should be simple with the lucid transition. The animated transitions should not be used after every slide as it becomes irritating for the viewers. This will distract the viewer instead of giving a clear picture. The animated transitions should be avoided most of the time. The only time it should be used is to distinguish a slide from the remaining of the slideshow. 

  1. Bad Resolution Photos and Videos

The photos used in the slideshow are vital as it attracts and engages the viewers. Most people make the mistake of using poor quality or bad resolution photos, making the slideshow clumsy. The poor composition or mismanaged aspect ratio destroys the content of the slideshow. The lower resolution photos will look pixelated when enlarged on a bigger screen.

This is a common mistake but can easily be avoided. The pictures in the wrong resolution cannot be fixed. Hence, the use of such images should be completely avoided. Likewise, in case of a video, make sure to not use blurred video. These mistakes can completely ruin the slideshow. 

  1. Use of Wrong Music in Background

The use of suitable music in the background elevates the experience of watching the slideshow. The use of the right background music generates interest in the content. A common mistake made by people is the wrong choice of music selection. The use of transitional music in the wrong place or loud thundering music can ruin the experience.

The background music makes a positive impact on the slideshow when chosen carefully. Always makes sure to use music that is suitable for the tone and mood of the video. The background music should be gentle and light while using a voiceover. A common mistake observed is the use of loud music that overlaps the voiceover. This makes it irritating and annoying for the viewer. Make a slideshow with music that keeps the viewer engaged. 

  1. Avoid Creating very Long Slideshow

A very long slideshow, no matter how informative and interesting the content is, becomes boring. The slideshows, with too many photos and videos, become dull. When it comes to video, the information should be crisp and concise instead of making it overly long. The content must be precise and keep the user engaged. 

A common mistake is making a slideshow filled with too much information. The basic rule should be not to spend more than 2 minutes on a single slide. Make sure not to include unnecessary, redundant stuff in the slides. 


These simple mistakes can destroy the engagement for the slideshow. By avoiding these simple mistakes, the slideshow will gain more viewers and make it more interesting. Next time, while making the slideshow, do spend time planning the slides and be careful to avoid these mistakes. This will make the slideshow interesting and impressive, improving your skills and the visual impression on the content. 

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