Following on from some of our previous product reviews, we have been sent the Eyn iPhone Wallet Case to test out. We have had it for around two weeks and been using it with an iPhone 7 every day since it was received. Our full review below has been carried out by one of our ladies who loves a pink phone case!

Delivery and Packaging

I received the case very quickly, which was excellent service and the case was sent from the USA to England by regular postal service and was received in less than a week, so you can expect a fast delivery.


The Eyn iPhone Wallet Case comes in an attractive and sleek box. Inside the box we received a pink colored wallet case. Also inside the packaging was an attachable wrist strap.

Eyn iPhone Wallet Case
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First Impressions

I was very impressed at first glance. The Eyn iPhone Wallet Case holds everything that you need for a quick trip to the shops or even for a night out. The case enables you to hold your mobile phone, credit cards, ID, cash and much more in one secure place. Another benefit of this Eyn iPhone Wallet Case on the other side to the money/cash clip is a small smart mirror, which has helped in many daily occasions.

Eyn Phone Case and Wallet
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Another positive feature is that all ports are accessible at all times and the case can also be used as a stand, the hinges allow my phone to be propped sideways on a table to watch videos and help whilst using Skype.

Toddler Test

I would say the only downside to the Eyn iPhone Wallet Case is that the case shell itself is made of plastic, it seems a bit hollow, in hollow I mean could be easily crackable if dropped. I also have toddler who has been known on occasion to accidentally drop my phone, however I can’t be sure that it would break as I haven’t dropped it!. I feel this Eyn iPhone Wallet Case would also benefit from having a screen protector included with the case as an additional reassurance.

Eyn phone wallet case
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Promo Code

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Would I purchase a further Eyn iPhone Wallet Case? – the answer would be yes, although I would also purchase a screen protector to go with it.

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