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The world has been well and truly grounded for the past year or so as a result of the extraordinary circumstances we have all been facing. At last, however, borders are starting to reopen and airlines are welcoming customers back on board. If you are ordinarily a regular traveler, whether for business or leisure, it could take some time to get back into the routine of the hours spent in the air and waiting around in airport lounges. A gadget or two can be an absolute Godsend to while away the time – here are our top picks that no regular traveler should be without. 

A laptop 

A controversial choice? Some say laptops are heading towards obsolescence in the smartphone age, but when you have time to kill, there is no substitute for the sheer versatility of a laptop. Catching up on your emails, playing a game, streaming your favorite box set or even starting to write that book – the list goes on and on. Click here to check out even more suggestions. The other great thing about today’s laptops is that you can buy one for next to nothing – just remember that for use offline in the sky, you’ll need a reasonable amount of internal storage capacity. 

Noise cancelling headphones 

A long flight can be the perfect opportunity to catch a movie or two. These days, most airlines have a great variety of recent releases and classics. It’s a shame, however, that the earphones they provide are stuck firmly in the 20th century. You’ll be absolutely blown away by the difference a good quality set of noise-cancelling headphones can make. Bose has traditionally been the go-to brand here, but today, there are plenty of other choices available, so read some reviews and choose the best you can afford.  

A portable charger 

We can’t survive long without our cellphones these days. It goes without saying that you’ll have yours with you, so we’ve not mentioned it on our travel tech list. When the plane lands, the first thing everyone does is switch their phone on – and nothing is more annoying than seeing the battery is almost dead. Chances are you’ll be relying on your phone to arrange pickup at the airport, and finding somewhere to plug in is not always easy. A portable charger means you won’t have to worry. There are various sorts out there, but we particularly like this backpack with an integrated charger in its “joey pouch.” 

A fitness tracker 

Travel can equate to plenty of good living, especially when there is local hospitality to sample! It’s easy to put on a few pounds, but can be more of a challenge to lose them. A fitness tracker doesn’t just record your exercise and calorie intake – its very presence acts as a reminder to get those steps in and not to overindulge. Fitbit is the most famous brand, but again, there are numerous wearables so do your research and find the one that best satisfies your needs and your budget. 

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