Procurement and efficiency should go hand in hand, but with time constraints, pressure from your production line and clients waiting for their deliveries, it’s not always easy to marry the two together. Enhancing the procurement procedure and prioritising its efficiency can have positive repercussions for your business, with advantages benefiting everyone throughout the process, from your purchasing teams to your employees on the assembly line and of course, your clients.

Sourcing your component parts faster and smarter means higher levels of production throughout your enterprise, which in turn means more revenue and growth. By focusing on the factors that make the purchasing process cumbersome and applying a new approach that prioritises accuracy, speed and customer satisfaction, you’ll be able to reap these lucrative benefits.

Want to know more? Read on to discover how you can enhance your procurement process with these straightforward tips.

Switch to an Online Procurement Strategy

Traditionally, the procurement process involves transferring data onto a BOM document, which outlines what raw materials or components are needed and in what quantity. This often leads to a painstakingly slow procedure in which your purchasing team try to source the parts required from multiple suppliers. Switching to an online procurement strategy means effectively streamlining your entire supply chain, allowing your purchasing team to find the right parts from one dedicated marketplace, like Sourcengine.

With available traceable suppliers, and components that are fully guaranteed for 3 years, you’ll be able to find the parts you need promptly, meeting the expectations of your clients further down the line and maintaining high levels of quality across your assembly line.

Utilise a BOM tool

By moving to an online approach, you’ll also have the opportunity to utilise a BOM tool to further simplify and improve the procurement process. Uploading your Bill of Materials can be done within seconds, and you’ll be able to start comparing prices and finding suppliers who meet your requirements immediately. This enhanced approach will save your purchasing team valuable time and money, as everything they need to purchase can be found in one, easy to manage place.

Focus on Supplier Relationship Management

Building strong and communicative relationships with your suppliers is a step towards an enhanced procurement process. When your chosen vendors are communicative, answer your queries and solve issues promptly, your entire enterprise will benefit. In time, you may also have the opportunity to negotiate pricing structures.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Communication is what drives the procurement process forward. Whether it’s a particular department that needs more electronic components to fulfil an order, or your inventory is looking a little low, or perhaps you need to add additional orders onto your latest supplier request – when everyone within the supply chain prioritises communication, great things happen.

Final thoughts…

Digitizing is a simple, yet highly effective (and lucrative) way of enhancing your procurement process. This approach will give you the competitive edge and will make exceeding your clients’ expectations much more attainable. Enhance your purchasing process today by implementing these straightforward tips. 

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