Downloads – Update on broken Social Media Locks


If you have tried to download any files from us lately, you may have noticed that when you click any of the Social Media locks to get the download, you are getting link-expired.txt or permission-denied.txt files instead of your actual download.

Well, we have been using WordPress Download Manager Pro since 30th July in a bid to use Social Media locks for downloads however, even after new releases, they have failed to fix the issues and have not been responding to our requests for help.

So, we will be removing all Social Media and other locks on our downloads and you will now simply get a “Download” link on the download page to get the files you want.

We will be putting our Social Media profiles on each download and we would really appreciate a follow for all our hard work but that decision is now completely up to you.

We apologise for the inconvienence this has caused over the last few months but please stay with us whilst we take action to rectify this. We have over 150 downloads so it may take time to get round to all of them and we will be staring with our most popular downloads.

If you come across a download you really want and we have not yet updated it, please feel free to email us on and we will send you a direct link to the requested download.

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