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We have received an email from comments advising us about changes that they are making to their platform. One of these changes is that they are introducing a new “Pro” service which will continue to be ad-free. However, if we wish to continue to use the free version then we would have to use their advertising platform as well.

We have been questioning our use of comments for a while now as we get well over 6500 visits a day but hardly any comments, so with this email we have taken the decision to remove the use of comments from our site. We have tonight completed the export of all comments from comments and imported them into our standard WordPress platform so all existing comments have been retained. We have added spam filtering software and also the ability to use either your WordPress, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts to leave comments on all of our posts and pages on this site.

Hopefully this will provide a better method of allowing our visitors to leave comments on any of our content and will keep ads to a minimum. Obviously we cannot completely eradicate ads on our site as the costs to host and run this site are huge due to the massive amount of bandwidth and space usage we require. But, we only use Google Adsense on this site which should only ever provide relevant ads and no annoying ad pop-ups etc.

Thanks for taking the time to read this update and feel free to leave a comment below using our new comments platform!

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