CutePDF is an excellent piece of software that allows you to create PDF’s from almost any application. It is also free to use for personal, commercial, education and government use which is always a good start!

I tend to install this software on any machine that I build be it for personal use or for a working environment, so I wanted to get it into the SCCM Software Catalogs that I administrate so that users could install this software themselves if they had not already got it installed.

Having started to look into this, I found that it wasn’t as simple as adding an MSI package like with most applications. The installer is an executable file and it will also only work with the GPL Ghostscript installed as a pre-requisite.

I eventually got it all working in the Software Catalog so below is a guide on how to add this software to your catalogs.

First of all, you need to download both the CutePDF Wrter installer and the Ghostscript installer which are available from the links below:

CutePDF Writer Download

GPL Ghostscript Download

Then copy these to your usual source file location ready to add as an application within SCCM.

You will need to add the GPL Ghostscript first as an application as this will be used as a pre-req for the CutePDF Writer application. So, go ahead and create an application for the GPL Ghostscript, the details that you will require to create this application are as below:

Installation Program:

Setup.exe /s

Detection Method:

CutePDF Writer and GPL Ghostscript install using the SCCM Software Catalog 1

Once you have created this application, you should then distribute it to your required distribution points and deploy where necessary.

You can then move onto the CutePDF Writer application. So, again create your application and you should use the details below to complete setup:

Installation Program:

CuteWriter.exe /VERYSILENT

Detection Method:

CutePDF Writer and GPL Ghostscript install using the SCCM Software Catalog 2


This is where you should add the GPL Ghostscript program that you created earlier in this process.

CutePDF Writer and GPL Ghostscript install using the SCCM Software Catalog 3

Once you have done this, you should then distribute and deploy this application where required. You should then see the application in your software catalog, when you select to install the CutePDF Writer, it will check to see if you have the Ghostscript installed, if you do not, it will auto-install, then carry on to install the CutePDF Writer.

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