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One of the many things that any household or building needs are materials and equipment that keep it clean. Over time, many innovative advancements have been made for different appliances and electrical items that can be used for home cleaning and improvement. Many of these inventions have made life and chores much easier for people who do them. Especially those people who have very little time to accomplish such tasks and rely on automated tools to get cleaning.

Automatic brooms, innovative dusters, floor mops, etc. These are the type of items that one primarily needs to start house chores. Vacuums, for example, are one of the ultimate cleaning machines one can find in their homes. From easy dusting and sweeping, these vacuums have evolved in terms of make and handling flexibility.

How Cleaning Vacuums Greatly Affect Household Chores

Vacuums have made cleaning much easier for people who do cleaning chores. These machines can be used to clean solid residues and liquid residues. All depending on the design and build of the machine. But one thing that vacuums have in common is that it allows one to efficiently clean at a faster speed in little time.

There are also places at home that are hard to reach through the use of traditional brooms and things of the like, but vacuums nowadays are designed intricately to cater and reach even the most impossible places at home without having to go much trouble. These are spots under couches, chairs, tables and even big furniture.

Through the use of vacuums too, allergies against dust are lessened because of the less need to manually sweep off dust and have it linger in the air. It saves one the trouble to have to buy antihistamine medications just to counter the effects of encountering dust.

Innovations Over Time For Vacuums

Before, vacuums used to be created in bulky and heavy styles. There are vacuum cleaners that are wired and then there are now those that are wireless. Vacuums used to be difficult to carry but now vacuums are designed as if they are mops that you can easily use to reach refined corners of your home. Bendable and lightweight are now the usual trend one would see for vacuums. Behold, the need for flexible home items have been addressed thus the creation of the Dyson V6 and Dyson V7 Cordless vacuums.

Comparing The Two

The Dyson V6 and V7 vacuums are designed to be wireless vacuums that can be used for a matter of minutes. So it is better to see the Dyson V6 vs V7
features which help to select the best one. The V6 vacuum can be used for a total of 20 minutes while V7 lasts 10 minutes longer for a total of 30 minutes full use. The charging time for both vacuums is the same. Both still have multiple power modes, has a docking station, has an easy one-click bin emptying feature and has two radial clones.

Although, Dyson V7 has a motor function 75% stronger than the Dyson V6. All in all, the two only differ in terms of battery use duration and motor strength. But both still able to perform incredibly well as the other.

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