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Want to save on your phone bills? There is no better way to do it than switching to VoIP phone services. Landline systems are costly and need a lot of maintenance. International businesses require communication and collaboration with their global staff and clients which they can’t do without making innumerable long-distance calls. 

If you are facing exorbitant business phone bills, your best way out of it is to get VoIP phone service. But don’t worry, we have done all the homework for you, so you won’t have to spend hours looking up online for the most affordable VoIP service. Well, we did find one, which is not just the cheapest but also delivers greats voice quality and extensive calling features.

AxVoice – Overview

AxVoice is gaining popularity for being a cost-effective VoIP phone service option. Users can enjoy a multitude of calling features with affordable pricing plans for local and long-distance calls. AxVoice offers a wide range of budget-friendly packages for calling in Canada and the U.S. 

For its excellent call quality and impressive features, the service could rank among the best VoIP service providers. You can even enjoy such features you would have had to pay additionally with a regular landline. Businesses cannot do without communication, and long-distance calls daily could mess up your budget. So, having a VoIP is a great way to save money on calls and manage your calls in a much better way.

AxVoice – Features

One of the main reasons AxVoice is on its way to becoming the best VoIP phone service is its expansive range of features including advanced call forwarding, incoming, and outbound features.

Incoming Call Features

Here are a few of AxVoice’s incoming call features:

  • AxVoice’s blacklist feature saves you from the nuisance of unwanted calls. You can get rid of pranksters and block them for good.
  • The service allows you to set distinctive ringtones for each of the additional VoIP lines that you might have. This helps in removing any confusion.
  • You can pick certain calls with the call filter feature that assists you in redirecting calls to a particular number so only you can pick them.
  • You can see the caller ID of the person calling you with the Caller ID feature.
  • If there is an incoming call while you are already talking to someone on the phone, a beep will ring. The call-waiting feature lets you switch between the two calls, and you don’t have to disconnect either one.
  • The Do Not Disturb (DND) feature allows you to redirect your incoming VoIP calls to voicemail on particular days for a limited time. The feature works on selected days too.
  • You can block anonymous calls with a single click.
  • AxVoice’s simultaneous ring feature never lets you miss a call. You can pick important calls from anywhere with the incoming calls ringing simultaneously on particular numbers only.

Outbound Call Features

AxVoice takes into account all the aspects of calling. Let’s take a look at AxVoice’s outbound calling features:

  • You can select from any of the various alternate caller IDs for your VoIP phone.
  • You can inform the authorities in case of an emergency with enhanced 911 or e911 support. You can do so without speaking a word, and the authorities will get your number and send someone to help you right away.
  • When you keep your callers on hold, you can play music to keep them online and engaged while they wait for their turn.
  • You can restrict your caller ID from displaying to the other person and enjoy an extra layer of privacy.
  • AxVoice lets you move to low-bandwidth codecs, which include G.729, GSM, G.711u, and G.711a if your internet connection is poor.
  • AxVoice VoIP phone service lets you dial 7, 10, and 11-digit numbers from your VoIP number without dialing the area codes.
  • You can also use the international call blocking feature and activate the feature through AxVoice’s voice control.

Call Forwarding Features

The variety of call forwarding features AxVoice provides never lets you miss any call:

  • Even if your IP-only shuts down, the failover feature would not let you miss calls. You can still receive calls from a particular number on your phone in case if the power is out.
  • You could redirect your calls to the smartphone if you cannot take calls from your VoIP phone at all times with the help of the call forwarding feature. You can set time and date limitations to schedule calls and even revert the setting.

  • You can redirect the unanswered calls to specified numbers with the help of the Find Me Follow Me feature. You can even set the sequence call ringing on three devices.

Advanced Features

AxVoice offers a vast variety of advanced features without charging any extra fees:

  • AxVoice lets you access your incoming,outgoing, and missed calls log.
  • You don’t have to buy a new VoIP line if you already have one. You can use your existing device after configuration to set up the AxVoice line.
  • You can make unlimited calls to other AxVoice numbers using the free in-network calling feature.
  • If you have a softphone software on your phone, you don’t have to use a touchtone phone.
  • You don’t have to dial shortcodes for accessing voicemail every time. You can get an automated alert via email for every voicemail and access it using your phone.

AxVoice – Pricing Plans

AxVoice VoIP phone service has three main plans for the users at different prices. Users could go with annual or monthly payment options.

Here is a breakdown for AxVoice’s VoIP phone service’s residential and business VoIP plans:

Residential VoIP Plans

Residential VoIPHome Phone ServiceUS/Canada 200Pay as You Go (Monthly)Residential InternationalResidential International Plus
OffersUnlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada200 minutes to anywhere in the US and CanadaCalls at 1.5c/minute to anywhere in the US and CanadaUnlimited VoIP Calling to 45+ international destinationsUnlimited VoIP Calling to 60+ international destinations

Business VoIP Plans

Business VoIPSmall Business PlanHome Office Plan
Offers1500 minutes to anywhere in the US and Canada 1.5c/minute for an additional minute200 minutes to anywhere in the US and Canada 1.5c/minute for an additional minute

Optional Features

  • AxVoice offers its users with toll-free numbers within the U.S. and Canada at an affordable price of $3.99/month for the U.S. and $5.99/month for Canada.
  • You can add any number from any area code to your account for $3.99/month.

AxVoice – Customer Support

AxVoice is pretty good at giving support to the users. On the website, you will find direct help, FAQs, and even community forums. There are detailed installation guides for you too. You have to submit a ticket through their official website, and the customer support will contact you through email and then resolve your query/complaint.


  • The service is simple and user-friendly.
  • AxVoice offers a 15-day money-back guarantee to the users.
  • You can use AxVoice VoIP phone service on your phone using a third-party app.
  • You can use a new local number or port out your current number for using AxVoice.


  • There is no trial version.
  • Phone support is not available which is ironic since it’s a VoIP company
  • The unlimited plan is for 3000 minutes.

Conclusion – Is it worth it?

Axvoice offers more than 30 features that ascertain effective collaboration and communication. The best thing about this VoIP phone service is the call clarity and how the developers have invested their time into finding a way that ensures consistent call quality by integrating the feature for switching to low-bandwidth codecs.

The price range paired with the range of features, is impressive, to say the least. The benefits and features exceed the few cons AxVoice has. Anyone looking for a feature-enriched and affordable VoIP phone service ought to try out AxVoice.

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