Technology may be a bit confusing at times, but that doesn’t mean you should completely write it off. In fact, there are numerous ways that tech helps to make your life easier that you should be aware of. There’s truly no denying the evidence that technology has and will continue to influence the way you work and live.

You’ve probably come to rely on it so much that without it you’ll likely feel lost trying to navigate your daily life. The more you understand how useful it is, the more you’ll appreciate it and all the possibilities it has to offer. If one matter is for certain it’s that technology is not only here to stay but will continue to grow and develop as the years pass.

1.   Work-Life Balance

One way technology makes your life easier is that it helps to create more work-life balance. Many companies now offer the benefit of working from home or you can get an education by hopping online. For example, if you’re an engineer, then you might want to look into Michigan Tech’s online civil engineering degree which will allow you to further your education and career from your laptop. Technology will permit you to keep your day job so you can also earn your degree and secure a higher paying job when you’re all finished.

2.   Social Media

Communication has become instant with the advancements in technology. Social media, in particular, allows you to instantly connect with family and friends with the click of a button. Your life is so much easier because no longer do you have to pick up the phone and have a long conversation with someone about what they’re up to. You can simply sign in to your social media account and see on your newsfeed what’s happening in the lives of those who you care about. You can also use social media to connect with the brands and companies you love a lot quicker versus having to call them or walk into a store.

3.   Health & Fitness

Your life just got a whole lot easier when it comes to tracking your fitness goals and losing weight. There are now technology gadgets you can wear or apps you can use on your phone that allow you to quickly track your health and wellness progress and even your sleep. You can also choose to stream yoga or workout classes right from your television or computer screen and perform a workout in your home instead of having to leave and go to the gym. With the upgrades in technology, there truly are no more excuses left to use about why you can’t be and stay in shape.

4.   Organization

Technology makes your life easier by allowing you to be more organized with your daily tasks and professional life. For instance, you can sort and declutter your files online, and there are apps you can download on your phone that help you to keep lists and an updated calendar of events. No longer do you have to maintain and carry around a pen and paper or notebook with you regarding your to-do list. Nowadays all of your responsibilities can be recorded down and tracked electronically, so you don’t lose or misplace your lists.

5.   Navigation & Travel

Getting lost is an issue of the past with the recent advancements in technology. There are navigation tools and GPS tracking device that will provide you with exact directions for where you’re going and the best routes to take to get there. You can now book travel online or through your phone and be picked up in a car in minutes as well. You can say good-bye to maps and travel agents and do all of the legwork yourself using technology.

6.   Shopping Online

Shopping is so much easier and faster now that you can do so online from the comfort of your own home or when you’re on the go on your phone. Technology makes your life easier because you don’t have to physically walk into a store anymore to make a purchase. You can order items online and have them arrive on your doorstep within hours or the next day. There are also discounts and sales continuously being offered that you can only use if you’re shopping online, so you’re also saving money while you’re at it.

7.   Research & Finding Information

Take a moment and think about when you last hopped on the internet to look up information or an answer to your question. It’s likely you did so very recently and that you also do so often. Technology makes your life easier by allowing you to conduct research and find information very quickly and efficiently. It’s helpful in both your personal and professional life because the answers you seek are always just a click or search engine away. While libraries are a nice place to go and read a book in peace and quiet, there certainly are quicker ways to get the information you need these days.

8.   Money Management

You can now manage your money and finances online with the use of technology. No longer do you have to walk into a bank and meet with a banker to pull out money or complete a transaction. This includes being able to pay your bills in a timely fashion by setting up automatic payments and also selecting and playing around with your investments over the internet. You can cash a check online and send or receive money using one of the many apps that are out there as well.

9.   Food Service

If you don’t have time to go grocery shopping in the store then you can simply place your order online and have your groceries delivered to your door. In addition, you can place food orders from your favorite restaurants and have meals delivered to you so you don’t have to leave your home. Cooking is also made easier with all of the gadgets on the market that allow you to source a hot and delicious meal in minutes.

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