Technology is evolving to new heights, so small businesses must keep up. There are innovative ways to communicate with partners and customers that simplify processes and allow business owners to do more. However, some remain oblivious to the latest solutions for a few reasons, which could make the business stagnant. If your organization is experiencing the following, it’s time you turn to internet faxing solutions. 

Errors Due To Packet Loss

Anyone using the internet or any network becomes involved with packet traffic or sending and receiving small data units. Packet loss occurs when one or multiple packets fail to arrive at their intended destination. It could be due to a disruption in your network, connection loss, or slow service of VoIP faxing. 

If you’re using a fax machine to send an important document, the packet loss will terminate the application, and it is likely to happen during real-time processing. This means you might need to resend the document once more. 

When you fax online with eFax, you’re less likely to worry about packet loss because providers use a geographically diverse network. It features a 99.9% uptime that ensures fast delivery of documents. Efax also operates redundant data centers that duplicate a component protecting the IT equipment from failure, power loss, and sudden breakage. 

Document And Intellectual Property Loss

Using fax machines is considered risky because unauthorized employees could read documents containing sensitive information. Hackers also tend to target network security or company emails containing documents and other work-related information. While a legacy fax machine can reduce the likelihood of data breach, they still present the mentioned significant inconveniences. 

Your business needs internet fax solutions because providers are amping security through email confirmation and SSL encryption. Employees who work from home also don’t need to worry about phishing emails and data loss. You don’t need to print documents that could lead to stolen information. Businesses can rely on secure cloud databases protected with updated encryption, plus those offices don’t have to hold on to paper files.

Paper Waste

If you’re still using old fax machines that require you to have a paper supply for sending documents, you’re likely to be contributing to a global environmental issue. 

Research states that putting the planet under continuous strain through deforestation could leave us with only 10% of today’s rainforests by 2030. Logging produces various items such as paper, and traditional faxing uses so much of it. 

If you want to be an eco-friendly business, switching to internet faxing helps reduce paper waste. Editing, sending, and receiving virtual documents happen online and limit how much you print. Not all documents need printing, anyway, because the ones needing signatures are the only ones you need a hard copy for. Like email attachments, online faxing is great for sending documents back and forth. 

Running Out Of Storage

A workstation with stacks of paper could mean that your file cabinet no longer has enough storage capacity. You’re likely to have a cluttered area that makes it challenging to maintain a professional setting. It’s hard to find anything you need, and your productivity could suffer when you’re wasting time looking for a single document. Not to mention, a fax machine is also taking up space and electricity. 

An internet faxing solution offers enough cloud storage to store copies of documents, such as reports, contracts, and more. You also won’t need more file cabinets to keep hard copies of files when you can save hundreds to the cloud without danger, even if you lose your computer. 

Your Remote Workers Waste Time

Your company might be retaining field agents, third-party teams, or remote workers with responsibilities that lie off-site. Some of them may be communicating with vendors and customers related to your business. Because they don’t have access to a fax machine, they may have to come to the office and use it to send reports and other types of documents.

Real estate agencies and legal firms deal with paper documents due to requirements and record-keeping purposes. It’s a massive inconvenience because they could be wasting time shuffling back and forth to the office for this reason. 

With the introduction of internet fax solutions, performance and productivity have been improving. Businesses utilizing the system gave remote workers access to immediately send and receive documents by logging into the company’s online faxing account. They only need a PC or mobile device to attend to document processing and management, leaving out the need to leave where they are. 


Business owners aim to have an organized and efficient running of their company and the processes that go along with it. Remember that your shareholders, clients, and vendors may prefer a secure and organized way of handling documents. After all, growing a business means adapting and being flexible to new technologies. 

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