Whether you’re throwing a party to celebrate a birthday, wedding or even Halloween, you’ll want to do your best to make it unforgettable. This includes all the usual planning like setting a theme, selecting the best music and getting the guest list just right, but there’s another area you should pay attention to. Tech can really bring a party to life, so here’s a rundown of some of the best.

Portable disco lights

Nightclubs and function rooms rely on atmospheric disco lighting to set the tone, but lighting rigs are expensive and nearly impossible to install yourself. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Portable lightboxes are small, cheap and require hardly any energy to run. They allow you to fill the room with vibrant, differently colored lighting effects and in some cases even strobes. These boxes are so powerful that you can normally get by with just one but consider buying two or three for a more intense light show. Strategic placing is important (you want the lights to play across the roof in the style of an aurora) but a little trial and error will help you find the best setup.

Keg dispensers

Keg dispensers hold vast quantities of alcohol and allow guests to pour themselves a glass, much like they would at a bar. The best kegs feature technology that stops pouring after a measure, and these devices come in all kinds of quirky shapes including the famous melon keg! Better still (and if serving drinks all night seems like an unnecessary hassle) consider bringing in professional bartenders. Bartending services in Denver, for example, offer trained bar staff who will mix and serve drinks (and generally take care of the bar area) so that you don’t have to. They make for a stress-free party where nobody is left without a drink in their hand.

Bubble machines

Along similar lines to disco lights, a fully-fledged bubble machine can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds. They’re also energy intensive so can stack up a hefty bill over the course of the night. Instead, look for smaller, portable bubble machines. With just the addition of soap and water, these nifty little machines will fill the air with bubbles, making for a uniquely fun and lively atmosphere. Portable bubble machines tend to be even cheaper than disco lights, so you can certainly scatter a few around the room for maximum coverage.

LED light balloons

Proof that simple sometimes is best, LED light balloons are one of the most straightforward yet beautiful gadgets that you’ll encounter. Artificial balloons are suspended on strings and lit from the inside with LED lights. Unlike “real” balloons they won’t deflate and there’s no risk of them bursting, so they make an excellent, reusable and sustainable choice. The LED lights glow softly in the air and look especially enchanting if your party is happening outdoors. Grouping lots of balloons together creates a sea of light that’s perfect for celebrating weddings and anniversaries.

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