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In the realm of PDF readers, Foxit PDF Reader stands out as a reliable tool for viewing and interacting with PDF documents and a good alternative to Adobe PDF Reader. While the developers don’t provide a native MSI installer, leveraging MSI installers can greatly streamline deployment processes, especially within enterprise environments employing tools like Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MEMCM), MDT, and Group Policy.

We have now made available packaged MSI installers for Foxit PDF Reader, ensuring accessibility to all available versions from this page. Our commitment to staying current means you can rely on this repository for the latest releases.

Rest assured, our latest installers boast cleanliness and transparency. You won’t encounter any intrusive ads, pop-ups, or redirects during installation, repair, or uninstallation.


Here you will find all the MSI installers we have available for Foxit PDF Reader. If there is a version missing that you require, leave us a message in the comments section and we will see if we can add it for you. We will also strive to keep this up to date with the latest versions of Foxit PDF Reader as they are released.


    You can use the following MSI command line to carry out the installation:

    msiexec.exe "Foxitinstaller.msi" /[propertyvalue]


    • Foxitinstaller.msi = MSI file name
    • [propertyvalue] = parameters you want to pass to the MSI file.

    You can pass the following to the MSI:

    • INSTALLLOCATION Specifies the folder where products will be installed.
    • MAKEDEFAULT Default value of “1”, Foxit Reader will be set as the default application for opening PDF files.
    • VIEW_IN_BROWSER Default value of “1”, Foxit Reader will be configured to open PDF files inside browsers.
    • DESKTOP_SHORTCUT Default value of “1”, installer will place a shortcut for the installed application on Desktop.
    • STARTMENU_SHORTCUT Default value of “1”, installer will create program menu group for installed application and its components.
    • SETDEFAULTPRINTER Default value of “1”, installer will install Foxit Reader Printer as the system default printer.
    • LAUNCHCHECKDEFAULT Default value of “1”, Foxit Reader will check if the Reader is the default reader when it’s launched.
    • SAFEMODE Default value of “1”, Foxit Reader will run in the Safe Reading Mode.
    • CLEAN Executes with the command /uninstall, removing all of Reader’s registry data and related files with the value of “1”. (Note: This is a command for uninstallation.)
    • AUTO_UPDATE Do not download or install updates automatically with the value of “0”; Automatically download updates, but let users choose when to install them with the value of “1”; Automatically install updates with the value of “2”.
    • REMOVENEWVERSION Forces an installation to overwrite the higher version of Foxit Reader with the value of “1”.
    • REMOVEGAREADER Forces to uninstall Foxit Reader (Desktop Version).
    • CPDF_DISABLE Disables the ConnectedPDF features by setting the value to “1”.
    • NOTINSTALLUPDATE Do not install “FoxitReaderUpdate.exe” by setting the value to “1”. This will prevent Foxit Reader from being updated from within the software.

    Command-line Examples:

    Silently install the application (no user interaction) to folder “C:\Program Files\Foxit Software”:

    msiexec /i "Foxit Reader.msi" /quiet INSTALLLOCATION="C:\Program Files\Foxit Software"

    Install Foxit PDF Viewer only:

    msiexec /i "Foxit Reader.msi" /quiet ADDLOCAL="FX_PDFVIEWER"

    Force an installation to overwrite the same or higher version of Foxit Reader:

    msiexec /i "Foxit Reader.msi" REMOVENEWVERSION="1"

    Remove registry and user data when performing silent uninstallation:

    msiexec /x "Foxit Reader.msi" /quiet CLEAN="1"

    Install the application without ConnectedPDF related features and services:

    msiexec /i "Foxit Reader.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL, ADVERTISE="FX_CONNECTEDPDF"

    Share Your Thoughts

    Your feedback fuels our progress. Whether you have requests, bug reports, or success stories, drop a comment below, and we’ll address them promptly. Your experiences help us refine our offerings and serve you better.


    Are there other versions available?

    Other versions are available, just go to our Foxit PDF Reader page for more information and downloads.

    Is the MSI installer safe?

    Absolutely. We prioritize cleanliness and security, ensuring our MSI installer is free from any unwanted elements.


    • MSI Installer: A Windows file format facilitating installation package creation.
    • Deployment Systems: Tools streamlining software deployment across multiple devices.
    • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MEMCM): Software for managing large-scale Windows deployments.
    • MDT: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, a suite for automating Windows deployment.
    • Group Policy: Centralized management of Windows settings within Active Directory environments.
    • 64-bit Windows Versions: Operating systems optimized for 64-bit hardware.
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